Why Face-to-Face Fundraising Works Well

The purpose of every non-profit organization’s existence is simple: to support and generate funds for people in dire need, those belonging to certain strata in society — the ones that have been affected by natural or man-made disasters, such as wars, poverty or diseases. Simple. But not easy to achieve. To provide continued help to these groups, charities require funds — the single biggest defining factor of a charity campaign’s success — which they raise through donors.Giving money for fundraising

The campaigns are not easy to create to begin with, as there is a lot of planning involved; non-profits need to determine what their goal is, what are the objectives, the duration of the campaign, and which channels they would be utilizing during their campaign. Regardless, many charities find it tough to raise funds successfully and hit their desired benchmarks.

This is where Face-to-face Fundraising, one of the channels proven to be most effective when compared to others, comes in. It is of vital importance to charities because it not only helps them reach potential supporters whom they wouldn’t otherwise be able to contact through other means, it does so in a very personal, effective manner. And it is to good to be ignored — both by charities, and donors.

Emails can be labeled as junk mail, left unopened, or be sent to the trash upon being sighted. Telephone calls can be disconnected without being listened to. And no one wants to share their credit card number, especially when they have never interacted with your organization. TV ads often go unnoticed, especially now in age of the streaming service.

Face-to-face fundraising, on the other hand, has proven to be an extremely powerful marketing channel for non-profits to interact with their target donors. Whether it’s on the streets, malls, events or door-to-door, it allows fundraisers to have a personalized conversation with potential donors about their campaign and their cause, build credibility, and evoke empathy.

Non-profits consider face-to-face fundraising as one of the most successful ways to target thousands of potential donors. This is also a highly cost-effective tactic that, and if executed properly, takes a prospective donor from the attention to action stage directly, within minutes.

Another advantage of face-to-face fundraising is that all the actions are measurable. Charities can track every interaction taking place, the number of donors signing up, the amount of money being donated, and the donors’ personal information, as well. Face-to-face interaction between fundraisers and potential donors can manifest into a long-term relationship between donors and charities.

A lot of times people need to be reminded about the good they can do in society, and the importance of donations. And there is no better way than to do it through one human to another, in person.

Potential donors who come across an ad on tv, or on social media often hesitate, as for someone who has never donated before this form of communication will refrain them from moving forward with the process as they lack the knowledge. With face-to-face interactions, communication between charities and potential donors becomes easy, as they have their experienced representatives to answer any question or query related to the organization and/or their campaign.

There is more room for interaction, as the fundraisers can give their undivided attention to a prospective donor.

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