Our Call Centre, lovingly referred to as “The HIVE,” was developed from our desire to provide our clients with superior service. 

Our dedication to providing the most innovative services available is surpassed only by our commitments to ensure our valued clients reach their goals.

Globalfaces Direct is able to provide a full suite of inbound and outbound telemarketing fundraising services. From contactless verification to ongoing stewardship, our Call Centre ensures your donors have a positive onboarding experience.

Third-Party Verification

After our brand ambassadors secure a donor for your cause, the job is complete– right? Wrong!

Our Third Party Verification (TPV) Centre connects with each sustainer, at the time of sign up, to confirm their intent to give to your organization and to capture/process their payment information. We have the ability to handle 10,000+ calls weekly, taking 1,200 daily calls currently.

Our highly trained TPV staff ensures that each and every sustainer has a positive onboarding experience.

GFD's Call Centre has an effective third-party verification process.
Our Call Centre is equipped to make welcome calls to all sustainer donors.

Welcome Calls

TPV calls are the first interaction a sustainer has with your recurring giving program, but our Call Centre services don’t stop there.

Within 2-3 days of initial sign-up, our team will call your newly acquired donors to welcome them to your organization’s regular giving program. In these calls, we give thanks for their generosity and loyalty. These calls are infinitely customizable, meaning that we can capture feedback and tailor messaging as needed.

There are many benefits to welcome calls, including donor satisfaction, loyalty, and a significant reduction in early attrition.


At GFD, we understand the necessity of ongoing communication to establish strong sustainer relationships.

We specialize in establishing regular communications with donors to secure their ongoing support. This includes the facilitation of a variety of stewardship initiatives, such as welcome calls, SMS follow-ups, email updates, newsletters, and surveys.

Our Call Centre is prepared to steward your organization's sustainer donors.

Additional Call Centre Services

Explore our Call Centre's winning combination of technology and people.

Technology and People

The combination of our custom Predictive Dialer system with our experienced team allows us to generate the highest right-party connect (RPC) rates and conversion rates possible.

Our Call Centre is valuable when it comes to donor data reporting.

Donor Data Reporting

We’re able to capture and track all data, including recorded calls, allowing us to provide snapshots and detailed, granular reports.

Our Call Centre is trained in outbound telemarketing fundraising.

Outbound Telemarketing

Our customer acquisition representatives are able to seek donor upgradation, reaffirmation of failed payments and recovery of lapsed donors. We also are experienced in utilizing active leads, such as those generated during a F2F campaign, and converting them into either recurring or one-time donors.

Our Call Centre representatives are trained in inbound telemarketing fundraising best practices.

Inbound Telemarketing 

Our representatives are prepared to respond to inbound fundraising inquiries. The HIVE is experienced in supporting charity partners with inbound support on initiatives such as Donor Services overflow and direct response television (DRTV).