Our clients have proven that face-to-face fundraising is the best method to acquire and retain more long-term donors.

Nonprofits have one key goal: to do good. Case studies prove that nonprofit organizations have a greater impact when their fundraising goals are met, maintained and managed while expending the least resources possible.

At Globalfaces Direct, we prove that face-to-face fundraising is the best way to acquire and retain more long-term donors for your organization, especially if it’s a F2F program created specifically for your organization’s needs. For example, a program that:

  • Is created and tested on a small population before any major rollout.
  • Is fully approved before signing on the “dotted line.”
  • Integrates with your existing donor management system.
  • Gives your organization up-to-date information about donors.
  • Includes door-to-door acquisition, lead generation, event marketing, business-to-business acquisition— depending on your organization’s needs.

F2F fundraising programs tailored to your organization give you the best chance possible to build a strong sustaining donor base. But, don’t just take our word for it.

Plan Canada, UNICEF Canada, and many others have benefited from tailored face-to-face fundraising programs. Check out the case studies below to see Globalfaces Direct’s F2F fundraising services in action.

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