These charities found the best face-to-face fundraising program to acquire and retain more long-term donors.

Non-profits set out to do good, well. Case studies for charity fundraising prove that non-profits do better when goals are met, maintained and managed without negatively affecting internal resources. At Globalfaces Direct, we prove that the best face-to-face fundraising program can acquire and retain more longterm donors for your organization. What’s the best strategy for you? Perhaps it’s one that is tested before a major rollout. One that is agreed upon before signing on the dotted line. One that integrates with your existing donor management system. One that gives you realtime donor information to keep your organization steps ahead of other charities. Perhaps it includes door-to-door acquisition, lead generation and event marketing. Perhaps it incorporates B2B acquisition. Contact us to help you put together the best face-to-face fundraising program for your organization.

Plan Canada, Christian Children’s Fund and many others have benefited from the best face-to-face fundraising programs. Our case studies for charity fundraising prove it.