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We Observe Remembrance Day to Remember All We’ve Lost During War and We Support Charities Working to Sustain Lasting Peace

Next Wednesday we will observe Remembrance Day in Canada. This is a memorial day that has been observed by Commonwealth nations since World War 1. It was created to remember our armed forces whom were killed in the line of duty. On the eleventh minute of eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, we will have a moment of silence. Our red poppies will be pinned to our jackets. And we will think of all whom we’ve lost to war.

“I ask you to stand with me
For both the injured and the lost
I ask you to keep count with me
Of all the wars and what they cost”

—John Bailey, from the poem Take A Stand, May 2011

As we remember fallen soldiers, many of whom were a part of our families, we come face-to-face with the cost of war. Not only the cost of lives, but also the cost of no peace, failing accountability and little human rights for all humans. And so we turn to our clients, those nonprofit organizations doing a whole lot of good here at home and around the world to make sure that children are fed, educated and able to transcend fighting for their future.

War Child Canada is one such charity. It aims to provide access to education, opportunity and justice. This child-focused nonprofit organization “gives children in war-affected communities the chance to reclaim their childhood and break the cycle of poverty and violence.” Cameron Becker of War Child Canada answers the question: How should we respond to violence and terror? Founder and executive director Dr. Samantha Nutt recently spoke to University of Alberta graduates about the harsh realities that Canadians must face differently, today. Here’s how we support charities like War Child.

Other charities we represent do their part to ensure that future generations have access to life-sustaining resources, education and human rights. Plan Canada is “responding directly to the needs of Syrian refugees in Egypt“, providing “humanitarian assistance, including food and shelter, opportunities for schooling and psychosocial support.” UNICEF and other organizations we support are finding innovative ways to “support children fleeing violence“.

These are troublesome times. War becomes the deadly knee-jerk solution. It is our hope that one day we won’t have to send our families out into battlefields to build lasting peace. Until then, we remember them. We honour them. And we support individuals and organizations that are doing good.

Does your not-for-profit organization support vulnerable communities of war-torn regions of our world? Tell us about it or let’s have a conversation.

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