Our Revamped Face-to-face Fundraising App Will Offer Realtime Data Analytics Nonprofits Trust to Track Changes Over Time

On April 1 we will launch version two of our fundraising app. This app helps us gather and report on donor activities both as things happen and, in this new version, as things change over time. Field agents will continue to use this fundraising app on their tablets to keep you informed and steps ahead of other organizations.

“Each of us worked in the sales and fund development industry for years, and we wanted to do more for our clients,” said our VP of Operations Matthew Davison. “We set out to give our clients unfettered access to everything—from demographics to why donors signup or even why others lose interest.”

Three years ago, no face-to-face fundraising provider let clients see much, especially in real time. They kept analytics, such as the number of donors or the number of postal codes top secret. They kept clients close with unfair contracts. Globalfaces Direct’s priority was to let go of those old ways of doing things. We didn’t require contracts upfront. We tested small samples to prove how we do things differently. And we wanted to share more with our clients, arming them with key insights to stay on top of donor acquisition and steps ahead of other charities that compete for the same donors.

That’s why we created the fundraising app that could instantly report to clients on information collected in the field. It tracked demographics of each potential donor. It revealed when they signed up. It showed when they lost interest. While there was a handy dashboard that provided an instant bridge from doorstep to client, it wasn’t automated. It undoubtedly gave our clients the best possible window into the face-to-face fundraising campaign, but we soon realized that we could provide more historical insights for our clients, especially since many of our clients stuck with us, year after year.

We gave our clients instant access to realtime data analytics. Nonprofits benefited from this transparent way of doing things. At the helm of our approach was a custom application for tablet PCs. This app put our field agents in constant contact with the not-for-profit organizations we served.

After three successful years of transparent face-to-face fundraising, we set out to develop version two of our app. For this new version, we aimed to go beyond demographics and the usual touchpoints to cross-reference instant data with historical data from previous campaigns. We wanted to give clients fundraising software with the ability to create and compare reports, year over year. This would not only give them more power to see how the general public responds to campaigns over time, but it would also provide the chance to see why donors kept on giving. Clients would gain tech-driven access to the big picture.

“When you start to know how the general public responds to your message over time,” added Matthew. “You can finally begin to make better, more targeted decisions for your next campaign to keep your organization acutely focused on acquiring the most qualified longterm monthly donors.”

Before there was access to realtime data, nonprofits had to team up with failing providers that may have tried to sell to 19-year-old donors. Both provider and charity could do nothing but watch as those young, strapped-for-cash donors slipped away after a month. At Globalfaces Direct, we’ve always let our clients know with whom we’re speaking—instantly. With version two, they can get a sense of when the 19-year-old kids become employed professionals with spare money to regularly give to the charity that speaks to their hearts. And we interact with them at the right place and time.

“Although sharing everything makes our one-of-a-kind business vulnerable, it also keeps us on our toes,” said our VP of Creative Strategy Jordan W. Nott. “It forces us to change how we do things. It forces us to build an even better app. It helps us train more appropriately. It helps us acquire a better donor.”

Learn more about how we aim to provide the most transparent face-to-face fundraising partnership possible. Find out how our clients have benefited from realtime data analyticsNonprofit organizations are invited to try our face-to-face fundraising services—risk free.

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