Street Marketing Acquisition

Enjoy one of the most accessible push marketing techniques for not-for-profit organizations. Our experienced field agents go to high-traffic areas to persuade the general public. They’re well-informed. They move conversations from key issues about your charity to securing recurring financial contributions. And they get more longterm monthly donors than any other face-to-face fundraising partner.

Street marketing acquisition complements any of our other key face-to-face fundraising services. With a dedicated team of field agents, new technology and realtime analytics that keep you informed, we interact with the general public unlike any other fundraising partner. Imagine a partner that handles all your face-to-face fundraising needs. Then helps strengthen relationships with longterm monthly donors.

Trust Globalfaces Direct to help you interact with more potential donors on the street. We provide advanced face-to-face fundraising services that ensure lasting support for your organization.

Contact us to execute the most effective street marketing acquisition for your not-for-profit charity.

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