Street Marketing Donor Acquisition

Enjoy one of the most accessible push marketing techniques for not-for-profit organizations. Our customer acquisition representatives are well-informed, they move conversations from key issues about your charity to securing recurring financial contributions. Street Marketing works on the principle of using our fundraisers as a walking, talking brochure. This allows us to interact and connect with donors while providing a positive and friendly consumer experience.

The powerful combination of canvassing high traffic public areas and utilizing our experienced field agents as brand ambassadors creates significant acquisition opportunities. Street marketing provides canvassers the opportunity to speak to residential donors that we may not have access to due to geographic restrictions, or the ability to penetrate certain markets i.e. High-Rise Condos. Globalfaces has been very successful with its Street Marketing efforts and we are always looking to extend our services to non-profit organizations in different parts of the world. Face-to-face canvassers are able to have personalized conversations with thousands of potential donors about your campaign and how their monthly contributions would benefit your cause.

Street marketing acquisition complements all of our other key face-to-face fundraising services. We interact with the general public unlike any other fundraising partner.

Contact us to execute the most effective street marketing acquisition for your not-for-profit charity.

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