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While door-to-door fundraising is our focus, followed by street canvassing and business-to-business marketing, we also offer the following services. Contact us to learn more.

Event Marketing

Event marketing is a type of face-to-face fundraising that brings your nonprofit directly to population-dense areas. This could mean a summer music or food festival, or a large national tour— either way, the goal is achieved with a brand-focused message that leaves a long-lasting positive impression on potential donors.  GFD can provide F2F fundraisers during events that are equipped with the same technology and skills that allow them to build rapport with potential donors and acquire either one-time or monthly gifts for your organization.

Event marketing is one of the face-to-face fundraising services offered by Globalfaces Direct.

You can target specific audiences based on the event at which you decide to market. For example, at:

  • Festivals targeting younger, pop-culture savvy audiences
  • Sporting events targeting families and sports fans
  • Political conventions targeting politically active audiences

Globalfaces Direct can organize event marketing efforts on your behalf. This could include canvassing an event, managing small, interactive booths or even orchestrating a smaller event within the greater experience to truly grab attendees’ attention. Periodic event marketing can serve as a great supplement to your existing F2F campaign.

Lead Generation Donor Acquisition

Each GFD fundraiser captures potential donor information (PDI) that is sent directly to our Call Centre. Then, our Call Centre professionals begin thoughtful follow-ups to convert quality leads to sustaining donors for your organization.

Globalfaces Direct offers lead generation donor acquisition as one of our face-to-face fundraising services.

With these services, we convert pre-vetted, qualified potential donors into impactful supporters of your cause. We continue conversations with potential donors that voluntarily provide their contact information, meet predetermined demographic criteria, and seem to genuinely care for your cause.

These follow-up conversations can be recorded and stored for up to six-months, allowing your team ample time to take action on the qualified introductions. With this service, you can maximize donor yield in each territory and make the most of your face-to-face impressions, and investment!

Retention and Monthly Donor Management

Our proprietary donor management technology streamlines the data collected over the course of your face-to-face fundraising campaign.  This empowers your team to manage and retain monthly donors with ease.

Retention and monthly donor management is one of the face-to-face fundraising services offered by Globalfaces Direct.

Successful retention and monthly donor management require an effective tech solution. Our proprietary Insight software allows your charity to track existing donors and manage internal data surrounding your F2F efforts, all in real-time. With ease of access, updating, and management, you have full control over the acquisition, management and ongoing retention of your sustaining donor file.

Retail Canvassing

Retail canvassing connects your organization with potential sustaining donors in high-traffic retail environments. Whether canvassing in and around a popular shopping center or at the entry of a frequently visited store, retail canvassing allows you to connect with potential donors as they’re out shopping.

Retail canvassing is one of the face-to-face fundraising services offered by Globalfaces Direct.

With GFD’s retail canvassing services, you can target specific demographics within your audience by canvassing the locations they’re most likely to visit. For example, the potential donors our fundraisers might interact with at a shopping mall could be quite different than those at a grocery store!

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