Lead Generation Aquisition

Convert pre-vetted potential donors into longterm monthly donors. Identify potential donor presentations (PDPs) that voluntarily provide contact information, meet specific pre-determined demographic criteria and seem to genuinely care about your cause, speaking with our fundraisers for more than five minutes. Globalfaces Direct uses the most advanced field processes and innovative tablet technology to help you go beyond door-to-door, street or event to convert pre-qualified individuals into longterm monthly donors.

Maximize donor yield in each territory by capturing potential donor information (PDI) with permission and sending that data to our contact centre for thoughtful follow-up and quality lead conversion. This robust acquisition method not only ensures more quality leads, it provides an extra opportunity to interact with potential donors. Plus it helps you convert any potential donors that were unwilling to sign before now.

Globalfaces Direct offers lead generation acquisition that is based on static cost per acquisition (CPA) with churn guarantees applied to all donors acquired through follow-up phone interactions. Calls can be recorded. Calls are stored for six months. Lead generation acquisition seamlessly integrates with face-to-face fundraising. This ensures that we’re your most transparent, effective and efficient fundraising option.

Count on Globalfaces Direct to provide everything you need to follow-up with the most qualified potential donors after initial connection. We’re not just your trusted face-to-face fundraising provider, we’re your fully integrated fundraising solutions partner that works diligently to earn your business and keep it.

Ask us about high-quality lead generation acquisition for your campaign, company or organization.

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