Event Marketing Acquisition

Event Marketing is a guerrilla marketing method that brings your brand directly to the consumer in a population dense area. An Event Marketing program can be as large as a national tour or as small and targeted as a single summer festival. The proper execution of an Event Marketing strategy should provide a brand-focused message that leaves a positive long-lasting impression on the consumer. It is often used as a supplementary campaign to support traditional advertising and major marketing programs that blast a high frequency of potential clients with the same general message.

Event Marketing can target a specific demographic and group of individuals based on the area or event you decide to market. Such events can include:

  • Malls
  • Festivals
  • Sporting Events

Globalfaces Direct organizes events on your behalf that reflect your organization and your target audience. We help you create a lasting impression that enhances your brand relationships.

GDF is able to execute any type of event marketing acquisition programs, such as managing small interactive booths or orchestrating a smaller event within an event to get attention.

Contact us to discuss event marketing acquisition for your agency, business or not-for-profit charity.

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