Door-to-Door Fundraising

Explore Globalfaces Direct's COVID-19 fundraising response.

What Is Door-to-Door Fundraising?

Door-to-door fundraising is the practice of going door-to-door to educate potential donors about your cause and ultimately, solicit recurring gifts. It’s a model that’s focused on garnering sustainable support for your organization rather than one-time gifts, all while building genuine, emotional connections through every fundraiser-donor interaction.

Whether through an in-house team or outside vendor/partner, the process is fairly straightforward:

Explore the process of door-to-door fundraising.

  • Your charity chooses to invest in a door-to-door fundraising strategy.
  • You either:
    • Train members of your organization to carry out the strategy (in-house)
    • Hire a company like Globalfaces Direct to formulate your strategy and train/manage dedicated brand ambassadors to carry out canvassing on your behalf (vendor/partner)
  • These teams are equipped and trained to carry out your strategy. They go door-to-door educating potential supporters about your cause and ultimately, inspire them to give.

Door-to-door fundraising is an investment of time and resources. So, in a world where many charities are pivoting to more convenient digital fundraising methods, you may be wondering why you should invest in these in-person interactions.

Why Should Your Nonprofit Incorporate Door-to-Door Fundraising?

It’s imperative that organizations leverage the power of face-to-face interactions. Door-to-door, and other face-to-face fundraising platforms, hold major potential for charities, providing both better-qualified leads and more sustaining supporters.

D2D is GFD’s preferred platform when it comes to building F2F programs (in fact, 85% of our fundraisers are D2D Ambassadors). It’s a sustainable, predictable and highly personalized approach that delivers the acquisition volume and overall quality that the F2F channel requires in order to be successful.

Explore the key reasons that we prefer door-to-door fundraising over other methods.

Let’s explore a few insights about door-to-door fundraising:

  • Face-to-face fundraising is one of the primary drivers of sustainer donor acquisition. In fact, F2F is largely considered the best method for the direct acquisition of sustainer donors.
  • The sector has experienced record growth in recent years, with as much as a 12% surge in some communities.
  • Door-to-door fundraising is outshining what many fundraising professionals expected of the method, according to this study.

Door-to-door fundraising has experienced record growth in recent years.

However, simply choosing to employ door-to-door fundraising isn’t enough to make the most of this strategy.

The Globalfaces Direct Difference

A strong door-to-door fundraising strategy requires an upfront investment. Data/reporting integration, staff training, physical resources such as welcome packages and canvasser uniforms, and the time and effort needed to effectively canvass an area, all require buy-in from your organization.

The investment is well worth your while considering the game-changing power of a strong recurring giving program, but only if you’re taking the right approach.

At Globalfaces Direct, we’ve been optimizing our door-to-door and face-to-face fundraising strategy for over 10 years. We’ve perfected our training and technology practices to justify the initial investment and generate a legitimate return on that investment.

Globalfaces Direct has optimized the door-to-door fundraising process.

We’ve evolved the door-to-door fundraising process by:

  • Deploying fundraising professionals on behalf of your organization. GFD has over 1,000 expert field agents that collectively connect with over 100,000 potential supporters each day. We train fundraisers across North America on best practices for creating a genuine, personal rapport with supporters and inspiring them to give to organizations like yours. Each representative canvasses on behalf of just one charity at a time, so you can be sure that they are subject matter experts who are dedicated to your cause.
  • Incorporating technology into in-person interactions. Our experienced field agents are equipped with technology that records real-time data for every door-to-door interaction. With this technology, we provide valuable insights into demographics and key donor behaviors.
  • Testing our methods before the campaign. Prior to commencing a large-scale campaign, we test our message and training with a smaller sample through a pilot. No long-term commitments and no need for exclusive agreements. We’ll develop a proof of concept and demonstrate sustained success before the full-scale rollout begins.
  • Maintaining communication after the first meeting. Our face-to-face fundraising support team continues to interact with newly acquired donors throughout the onboarding process via verification calls and welcome calls, SMS messaging, and email series. We understand that stewardship is the bedrock of every successful regular giving program. Nurturing these relationships for sustained, lifelong connections begins with onboarding, and we make this as turnkey as possible for every one of our partners.

While we’re discussing it, check out how GFD’s operatives are keeping your donors safe during COVID-19:

Now that we’ve discussed how GFD has optimized door-to-door fundraising, let’s explore a day-in-the-life of a GFD door-to-door ambassador.

Daily Impression Metrics

At GFD, our F2F model is based on the premise of sustainable, predictable and repeatable impression metrics.

Explore the daily impression metrics of one door-to-door fundraising professional.

We expect each D2D fundraiser to knock on at least 100 doors per day, with 55 of those doors opening. There will be at least 20 potential donor presentations and from that, at least 1 net sustainer acquired for each brand ambassador on your account each day.

All of our historical data shows that if a trained fundraiser is able to engage in 15-20 meaningful conversations per day with potential donors, then they will meet this criteria and in many cases, far exceed it. This breakdown allows GFD to build suitable, customized teams for every one of our partners and to ensure that messaging, team size and available canvassing territory all align to deliver the right campaign for your specific cause.

Visit this page to explore our process further.

A Noticeable Impact with Door-to-Door Fundraising

Don’t just take our word for it. Let’s review a few relevant metrics about Globalfaces Direct’s door-to-door fundraising strategy:

This is one reason why your organization should consider partnering with Globalfaces Direct.

  • Capacity to Acquire: Globalfaces Direct currently has the capacity to acquire more than 150,000 sustaining donors for our charity partners each year.
  • Strong Retention: After kicking off a door-to-door campaign, it is absolutely imperative that the donor journey is well laid out. GFD can create a turnkey solution to the onboarding process. However, GFD will continue to work with you on an ongoing basis to ensure that the donors we acquire stick with you over the long haul.
  • Worthwhile Investment: Most GFD partner charities break even on their initial investment in the partnership in less than 24 months and approach a 2.5X ROI within 5 years, based on recurring revenue alone.
  • Long-Term Potential: Most charities benchmark “donor upgradation” at 25%. This implies that through a strong stewardship journey, charities will identify F2F-acquired donors who make strong prospects for additional one-time gifts, mid-level gifts, legacy gifts, or even major gifts. This type of integrated approach can speed up your breakeven on a F2F campaign and substantially improve the long-term ROI of any program.

When you work with Globalfaces Direct, your organization builds a sustaining donor base that will last for years to come.

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