Door-to-Door Fundraising

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What’s Door-to-Door Fundraising?

Door-to-door fundraising is the practice of going door-to-door educating potential donors about your cause and ultimately, soliciting recurring gifts. It’s a model that’s focused on garnering sustainable support for an organization rather than one-time gifts, so often these campaigns aim to enroll supporters through recurring giving programs.

Whether internally done or outsourced, the process is fairly straightforward:

  • Your nonprofit chooses to invest in a door-to-door fundraising strategy.
  • You either: train members of your organization to carry out the strategy, outsource the training and management of these staffers, or hire a company like Globalfaces Direct to formulate your strategy and train dedicated fundraiser/brand ambassadors to carry it out.
  • These team members are dispatched to carry out your strategy. They go door-to-door educating potential supporters about your cause and inspiring them to give.

In a world where many nonprofits are pivoting to digital methods, you may be wondering why you should invest in these in-person interactions.

It’s imperative that organizations don’t neglect the power of face-to-face interactions. Door-to-door and other face-to-face fundraising platforms hold major potential for nonprofits, providing both better-qualified leads and more sustaining support.

Not only is face-to-face the primary driver of direct recurring donor acquisition, but that sector of fundraising has even experienced recorded growth in some communities in recent years. There are even studies suggesting that the success of door-to-door fundraising is outshining what fundraising professionals traditionally expect of the method.

However, simply choosing that you’re going to employ door-to-door fundraising isn’t enough to make the most of this strategy.

The Globalfaces Direct Difference

A strong door-to-door fundraising strategy will require an upfront investment from your organization. Staff training, physical resources such as welcome packages and canvasser uniforms, and the time and effort needed to actually canvass an area all require a buy-in from your organization, top to bottom, up-front. This investment is well worth your while considering the game-changing power of a strong recurring giving program, but only if you’re doing things right.

At Globalfaces Direct, we’ve been optimizing our door-to-door and face-to-face fundraising strategy for over 10 years, perfecting our training and technology practices to justify the initial investment and generate a legitimate return on that investment. We’ve evolved the door-to-door process by:

  • Deploying fundraising professionals on behalf of your organization. GFD has over 1,000 expert field agents that collectively connect with over 100,000 potential supporters each day. We train fundraisers around the world on best practices for creating a personal, face-to-face rapport with supporters and inspiring them to give.
  • Incorporating technology into in-person interactions. Our experienced field agents are equipped with technology recording real-time data of every door-to-door interaction. With this technology, we provide details such as demographics and key behaviors, such as who reacts positively, who doesn’t, and why.
  • Testing our methods before the campaign. Prior to commencing the full campaign, we test our message and training on a small sample through a pilot— proving success before the rollout at full scale begins.
  • Maintaining communication after the first meeting. Our face-to-face fundraising support team continues to interact with donors brought in through your campaign after the fact (through verification calls, SMS/email series, and welcome calls), nurturing those relationships for sustained, lifelong connections.

Organizations that work with GFD experience unparalleled transparency. As we share all of the data revealed when creating your door-to-door strategy as well as the information unveiled through the campaign itself, your nonprofit is able to revitalize your overall strategy with this information (and trust our process!)

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