Door-to-Door Acquisitions

Reach more interested people throughout North America with our experienced field agents. Each one of our approachable, compassionate and well-informed field agents knocks on more than 100 doors per day. That can bring you tens of thousands of likely donors. Using our innovative tablet technology, we’re able to deliver interested individuals who may be very beneficial to your upcoming lead generation efforts.

Door-to-door fundraising represents the majority of our resources. With a dedicated team of field agents, innovative technology and realtime analytics that keep you informed, we’re able to connect with the general public unlike any other fundraising partner. Imagine a partner that not only goes out and knocks on doors, we stick around to convert qualified potential donor into longterm monthly donors.

Trust Globalfaces Direct to help you interact with more potential donors. We provide realtime analytics, timely insights and advanced fundraising services that help you gain the most support your charity.

Contact us to execute the most effective door-to-door fundraising for your not-for-profit organization.

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