Business-to-Business (B2B) Donor Acquisition

For non-profit organizations, marketing to corporate donors can amplify their reach. A different market requires a different approach, and GFD has adapted its traditional door-to-door model to market to a group of socially responsible business owners and all peripheral potential donors associated with that business. B2B marketing is a highly specialized discipline that Globalfaces provides as either a stand-alone product or to enhance/support our residential, door-to-door campaigns.

As we market through B2B, here are the groups of potential donors that we can access:

  • Business Owners – Business owners that want to present their business as socially responsible, and proudly display their heart felt contributions to their customer base and get access to tax credits in the process. Businesses may receive a certificate and congratulatory letter that highlights their support of your cause.

  • Employees of the Business – Employees that believe in your cause and personally want to lend support to your charity.

  • Patrons of the Business – Customers that are present in the business that may have heard the pitch to the business and may be interested in supporting your charity.

You can rely on Globalfaces Direct to bring business owners, employees and customers closer to your organization and cause. We aim to generate long-term face-to-face fundraising partners.

Ask us about business-to-business (B2B) acquisition to reach influential business stakeholders.

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