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How does B2B donor acquisition work?

Business-to-business donor acquisition allows your organization to tap into the corporate philanthropy mentality of local businesses in your area.

A subset of face-to-face fundraising, B2B donor acquisition adapts the door-to-door fundraising model to help organizations reach socially responsible business owners and increase their recurring, sustaining donor base.

As a practice, the steps are simple:

  • Your organization chooses to embark on a B2B fundraising effort. Often, this type of fundraising is paired with a larger door-to-door or street canvassing campaign.
  • You either train representatives from your organization (such as volunteers and staff members) to connect with local businesses, or you pair with a F2F fundraising company such as Globalfaces Direct to formulate your strategy and deploy dedicated professional fundraisers to carry it out.
  • These trained brand ambassadors canvass your local community, speaking with locally owned businesses. This could be business owners, employees, or even patrons.
  • These conversations are aimed at enrolling new donors into your organization’s recurring giving program.

These programs thrive on their face-to-face nature, creating lasting connections between your nonprofit and local businesses, with the brand ambassador acting as a conduit. However, with so many nonprofits pivoting to digital methods of connection, you may be wondering why your nonprofit should even invest in B2B efforts.

It’s impossible to understate the value of face-to-face interactions, especially in the world of corporate philanthropy. Business-to-business acquisition relies on so much more than simply connecting with a business owner via a digital method and outlining a path for regular contribution.

As much as 75% of recurring donations secured through a B2B fundraising initiative will be from peripheral donors in a business’ overall operations— whether they’re managers, other employees, or even patrons. These conversations aren’t started by a LinkedIn message to a local business owner but rather, by in-person conversations with a representative of your organization on location. In the end, it comes down to corporate social responsibility, and how your nonprofit can best capitalize on that sentiment.

Maximize the impact of corporate social responsibility

As we’ve said before, approximately 25% of your B2B campaign’s secured recurring givers will be business owners, while the other 75% of those supporters will be peripheral members of that business’s overall ecosystem.

The charitable acts of those at a business are often a result of corporate social responsibility. This term describes a business’s efforts to improve society and the impact of those efforts on all of the people that interact with that business.

How does this relate to B2B campaigns? Well, for the purposes of B2B acquisition, we’re going to focus on local businesses rather than big-box retailers.

Explore how corporate social responsibility affects business-to-business donor acquisition.

Let’s look at how CSR impacts the various people you interact with during local business-to-business donor acquisition:

Business Owners

Business owners want to present their business as socially responsible and philanthropic in nature. There are quite a few reasons why:

This is how business owners are impacted by CSR in terms of business-to-business donor acquisition.

Giving to your nonprofit shines a positive light on the business giving, both in the eyes of employees and customers. The tax benefit is simply icing on the cake.

Employees of The Business

As we’ve seen, there’s an increasing interest in employees desiring to work for nonprofit organizations. This signals a personal interest in philanthropy, something your nonprofit can access by engaging that employee while visiting the business. Let’s look at some examples of employees valuing philanthropy:Explore how employees are affected by CSR when it comes to business-to-business donor acquisition.

More and more, employees are attaching their philanthropic values to their workplace. These employees may be interested in giving to your organization, especially if those conversations are started with B2B donor acquisition efforts.

Patrons of The Business

The modern shopper not only wants to purchase from a socially-aware company, but they may even be moved to give while doing so. This is evidenced by the following statistics:

Explore how CSR affects patrons of a business when it comes to B2B donor acquisition.

  • When it comes to choosing brands, 40% of respondents seek purposeful companies that act with society’s best interest in mind.
  • 87% of consumers surveyed would be willing to buy a product based on a company’s advocacy for social issues alone.

Patrons are increasingly looking for a philanthropic experience when they interact with businesses. During your B2B appeal, you’re able to connect with those patrons and provide them with an avenue to give back directly to the source— your nonprofit.

The Globalfaces Direct Difference

Globalfaces Direct is a face-to-face fundraising company specializing in connecting your nonprofit with long-lasting, sustaining supporters.

Our business-to-business acquisition services can be handled as an add-on to a larger door-to-door campaign, or separate as a standalone program. With these services, GFD’s trained brand ambassadors connect your business with owners, employees, and patrons of local businesses in your community.

Let’s look at a few reasons why Globalfaces Direct stands out:

  • Avoidance of big-box retailers. GFD understands that a solid B2B strategy depends on strong relationship building, and therefore, we focus the effort on businesses in your own backyard. The effort builds community, first and foremost.
  • Expert field agents. On any given day, GFD’s expert field agents connect with over 100,000 potential supporters. We’ve perfected strategies for creating one-on-one conversations with potential supporters and converting those supporters into sustaining donors.
  • Pre-tested and assured. GFD pre-tests our face-to-face fundraising strategies before deploying the large-scale campaign. We prove to your nonprofit that our strategies work before expending the full resources allotted.
  • Innovative face-to-face fundraising technology. GFD works with innovative tablet technology that tracks every potential donor interaction, updated every 10 seconds. This technology can report back to your nonprofit’s CRM, allowing you to act on the information unveiled by each interaction.

A business-to-business fundraising campaign can be a resource-intensive effort, from the staff members and volunteers involved to the time spent evaluating data after the fact.

Nonprofits working with Globalfaces Direct have access to years of experience spent optimizing the process, ensuring that their B2B efforts go off without a hitch. Learn more about our process here.

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