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Conversation is the most compelling form of fostering connection. At Globalfaces, we have adapted our leading face-to-face techniques to include outbound direct acquisition and inbound verification from our 100+ person contact center.

A Data-Driven Approach

Our telefundraising teams have the experience and expertise to create conversations that engage and activate potential donors.

As an established fundraising partner, we take a targeted approach to your campaign objectives. Our algorithmic dialer gets through to more leads, preserving your list value. The result? In 2020, we achieved a donor engagement rate of nearly 50% for our telefundraising partners.


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Donors Engaged in 2020


Unique Leads Through An Integrated Approach

Donor Reactivation In Action

Figuring out why a donor has lapsed offers valuable insight on how charities can renew and reaffirm a donor’s connection to cause.

Our foundation partner in the area of health services was experiencing a decrease in donorship in 2020. As their fundraising partner, we identified lapse trends that allowed for a renewed connection to cause. We took to telefundraising tactics to make a compassionate appeal and, rather than a scripted solicitation, we listened. Through this strategy of stewardship, we found that many lapses were situational, presenting us with a pathway to reactivate a renewed sense of connection.

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An integrated fundraising approach that includes face-to-face methods improves your ability to acquire and retain monthly sustainers. Request a free consultation to discuss how we can help.

    Our Range Of Outbound And Inbound Services

    With over 100 fundraising specialists operating from our contact center, we have the capacity to scale solutions to fit your fundraising objectives.

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      F2F Lead Conversion

      Where face-to-face fundraising succeeds in stirring interest, telefundraising can play an important role in converting leads. This is an integrated approach that features outbound direct acquisition in a supporting role and enables a Globalfaces fundraising specialist to follow-up on qualified leads through our campaign reporting platform.

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      Lapsed Reactivation

      Typically, lapsed donors are those who have not donated within the last 12 months. This can be the result of a number of reasons that can be often hard to identify and reactivate. Telefundraising helps at this vital touch-point to compassionately conduct discovery to uncover trends and opportunities for reconnection with cause.

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      Conversion Campaigns

      The best fundraising campaigns are those that leverage a diversity of tactics and channels within a fully-integrated marketing plan. In these instances, telefundraising can be a supporting medium that converts campaign leads or existing one-time gift donors. Our most common integrated campaign is through lead generation, where we engage with donors in an outbound call after they have taken the initiative to engage with your charity. In addition, we can set up digital media campaigns to target new audiences that can work with your existing media agency.

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      Donor Upgrade

      Stewardship is a significant component to any retention program. Our outbound efforts help to cultivate existing relationships and increase engagement to your cause by acquiring a higher monthly gift. This method serves as a gentle reminder to your devoted base that their generosity is making an impact amplifying your social mission.

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      Inbound Verification

      We are committed to practices that comply. As such, inbound verification can act as your primary screening and on-boarding method to capture information safely and securely. These inbound teams are skilled to help our face-to-face canvassers confirm giving frequency and amounts through our Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant standards, and allows us to verify all donor information before sending it across to your charity.