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We are ambassadors of human connection. Our main method of creating deep social bonds is through face-to-face fundraising programs that have generated results for more than 50 charity partners across North America.

Trending In The Right Direction

Face-to-face fundraising has been the leading source of direct sustainer acquisition since 2012, producing a 30% increase in multi-year recurring donors.

We uphold this growing trend by training our face-to-face fundraising team to become experts of your cause. Each campaign is piloted for proof-of-concept and supported by real-time analytics to identify key performance indicators and inform data-driven decisions.


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Informed By Insight

Conventional canvassing is often associated with a shotgun promotional approach, sprawling a campaign’s message as far as humanly possible.

We take a disciplined approach. Informed by Insight—our proprietary fundraising software—we are able to collect real-time, geo-locational data from every interaction. Demographic and behavioural information integrates with your CRM to identify who has signed up, for what, and if during an engagement a person loses interest. With Insight, we can optimize your pitch to produce improved acquisition results during the final steps of the process.

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An integrated fundraising approach that includes face-to-face methods improves your ability to acquire and retain monthly sustainers. Request a free consultation to discuss how we can help.

    Face-To-Face Is Multi-Faceted

    Our canvassers will become your ambassadors of acquisition, aiming to build a genuine connection with your target community. Since 2012, we’ve pioneered improvements in F2F that have created new methods of direct donor acquisition.

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      We have the capacity to acquire more than 115,000 sustainers per year. This includes fostering leads through a well laid out donor journey that seamlessly integrates into our PCI compliant on-boarding process. More than 85% of our canvassers are door-to-door ambassadors, trained to promote your mission, make an emotional appeal, and acquire recurring donors.

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      Street Canvassing

      Where door-to-door focuses on creating an emotional appeal, street canvassing thrives on friendly, positive interactions. This higher volume approach identifies high-traffic locations that might serve as a hub for your message and as a pull tactic to draw mass-interest to your brand. Canvassers showcase pop up banners with your brand that has the potential to connect with several hundred prospective donors in a single day.

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      Public demand for businesses to act upon social issues is mounting. Business-to-business donor acquisition allows your organization to tap into the corporate philanthropy of your target area. Our approach is adapted from what makes door-to-door successful, reaching socially responsible business owners and stakeholders to enhance your donor base.

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      Retail And Event Canvassing

      Similar to the concept of street canvassing, but on a slightly smaller scale, event canvassing focuses on a rapport-building approach to evoke one-time or recurring donations. We can target private and public events, including festivals to acquire pop-culture forward audiences, sporting events to acquire family-oriented audiences, or conventions to acquire actively-engaged audiences.

    Canvassing Across North America

    Canvassing Across North America We have more than 75* touch points across the US and Canada that enable our fundraising teams to serve most major urban areas. The extent of our outreach amounts to 75,000+ potential donor interactions weekly through the hard work and dedication of more than 800 face-to-face ambassadors.

    *Map representative of the cities where we fundraise.