With very little experience with professional fundraising, the Surrey Women’s Centre was seeking a partner that could help them grow a sustainable source of revenue to fund their crucial services. They set an ambitious donor goal for us to ensure their continued operation.


This campaign presented us with a unique challenge and valued learning opportunity. Due to the fact that the catchment area surrounding the centre was quite small, Globalfaces had to be more strategic in the planning and management of territory. While our goal was large, our area was small and therefore we were only able to employ a smaller than normal team of professional fundraisers to avoid saturating the area. In addition to our limited territory, our HIVE team was tasked with conducting a significant amount of custom software development that would allow us to seamlessly integrate with SWC’s backend reporting systems.


Our field manager meticulously planned team allocation and schedules to ensure we optimized our face-to-face interactions within our limited area. Our success stemmed from working in an area where there was already existing community support and awareness for SWC, alongside the talent and dedication of our field teams in using meaningful conversation to acquire long-term donor support.


While the program continues to thrive due to the skill-set of our own teams, SWC’s donors have an affinity to the Centre that is unlike anything we’ve seen here at Globalfaces. With a healthy brand presence, SWC continues to invest more into face-to-face fundraising to support their cause. They have one of the strongest performing attrition files in our entire portfolio.