Sunnybrook sought a sustainable, long-term source of revenue to assist in the advancement and construction of facilities such as the Schulich Heart Centre and Odette Cancer Centre. Sunnybrook was looking to present itself not only as a Canadian leader, but a world leader in developing life-saving care and research, and Globalfaces was the right company to aid in the funding of that mission.


During this campaign, Globalfaces was faced with abiding by strict territory guidelines. Sunnybrook also wanted to ensure we were able to provide them with necessary ongoing donor support within our given timelines.


In order to abide by territory guidelines while optimizing our range within them, our head office implemented strict guidelines and created a team devoted to meticulously planning and accounting for said territory weeks in advance. Our team dedicated a substantial amount of time on this project to ensure Sunnybrook’s satisfaction.


Some of our proudest campaign results to date, Globalfaces acquires an upwards of 4,000 monthly donors for Sunnybrook on an annual basis. We continue to flawlessly abide by territory guidelines, grow our dedicated team of field agents, and continue to provide Sunnybrook with the funding needed to provide care for their patients.