STC sought to increase their monthly donor file in order to provide ongoing support for children throughout the world. They wanted to assess whether or not our call centre could outperform competitors and wanted a highly trained team to protect their brand integrity while fundraising. Originally, we launched a face-to-face fundraising campaign, and later launched our first ever DRTV (direct response television) marketing campaign to meet the needs of Save the Children.


Since this was the launch of our first ever DRTV campaign, we had to build our call centre infrastructure from the ground up. Toll-free numbers, call routing, reporting and system integration were implemented in order to facilitate the DRTV component of the campaign. Staffing was a significant undertaking as we needed to both hire and train staff on inbound call centre policy and ensure they became experts regarding Save the Children and were able to provide detailed education and support for our callers.


Our inbound staff were specially trained in order to convert inbound callers to long-term donors. Both our field agents and call centre staff were given intensive training regarding Save the Children. We hired and trained a professional team to ensure the success of our DRTV campaign and we dedicated time and resources to ensuring our call centre would be successful.


STC is now one of the largest partners at Globalfaces. Our HIVE has experienced endless success with the program as our conversion rates for the DRTV are unparallelled. STC continues to utilize our call centre as we have outperformed competitors in terms of call quality, reporting, efficiency and detailed reporting. We’ve managed to seamlessly run both our F2F and DRTV campaigns simultaneously.