Plan International Canada has consistently relied on door-to-door marketing for many years.  Plan International Canada needed a more robust face-to-face fundraising solution. Plan needed a capable provider that could deliver on a broad range of acquisition methods in various territory. The charity looked for a partnership that had the collaborative mind-set, technology, reporting, agility, expertise and face-to-face fundraising resources necessary to earn their trust. That’s what brought Plan International Canada and Globalfaces Direct together.


Plan International Canada face-to-face fundraising team wanted a provider to help them acquire more longterm monthly donors. Here’s what they needed…

  • Proof that the new face-to-face fundraising provider could generate positive results, revenue and brand value
  • Better technology to analyze donor acquisition in ways that would build a more sustainable longterm strategy
  • B2B acquisition expertise with the agility to execute D2D campaigns


Plan International Canada wanted to increase the acquisition volume with high-quality donors, so our team needed to work diligently to earn their trust. Specifically, we needed to…

  • Prove that Globalfaces Direct’s B2B acquisition model was better or at a minimum the same as that of other providers
  • Complete face-to-face campaigns on time, on budget and exceeded B2B and D2D fundraising targets
  • Build a strong, positive relationship based on integrity, trust and our ability to acquire more donors


We needed to put together an experienced face-to-face fundraising team to focus on door-to-door acquisition and B2B acquisition. Our team…

  • Launched a new product with a B2B acquisition campaign that appealed to a new business audience
  • Built the technology required to perform and complete this program on a business-to-business platform
  • Deployed B2B acquisition and D2D acquisition campaigns across two provinces, including major cities


We acquired more longterm monthly donors than expected. Plus we exceeded B2B and D2D funding targets on time and on budget. We also…

  • Completed subsequent renewals three months ahead of schedule
  • Provided a new view of donor analytics for B2B and D2D campaigns
  • Secured a three year fundraising partnership with Plan Canada

Today, Plan International Canada and Globalfaces Direct continue to collaborate on B2B and D2D acquisition strategy and campaigns. As always, our aim is to enable the globally-positioned non-profit organization to acquire more longterm monthly donors. That’s what we’ve done. And that’s what we’ll continue to do.