With MSF, we knew we were being given a trial alongside multiple other professional fundraising companies. At the end of all trial periods, Doctors Without Borders Canada was to choose multiple companies that they felt offered them the best results and were the most professional partners to fund their campaign.


With a strong start at the beginning of our trial campaign, we soon encountered an internal organizational issue that caused us to shift courses without any prior notice. With pressure to succeed at the forefront of our mind, we knew we had to quickly and efficiently develop an entirely new strategy in order to meet and surpass our given targets.


Our team came together with an unwavering belief in our ability to succeed. Our initial MSF campaign became an honest testament to our ability to adapt and perform for our clients, regardless of any internal changes. Within only a few days, we were able to employ and train a new team in a different province to pick up right where we left off. Our second start to the same campaign was another great success.


We tested our campaign for Doctors Without Borders Canada successfully in multiple markets. During this time, we developed what we call a “pitch card.” This is a standard tool utilized by our field agents that contains charity branding as well as key information and statistics. The unique design of our pitch card and the success it brought was so profound that each fundraising partner of MSF now uses that same pitch card.