The Markham Stouffville Hospital depends largely on public support to meet the demands of providing exemplary health care to everyone in the surrounding communities. They were seeking a fundraising provider that would provide them with a sustainable, ongoing source of revenue while engaging the public, providing education and support, and of course acquiring long-term support.


With a specific catchment area surrounding the hospital, we were limited in regards to territory guidelines. We needed to effectively manage territory to ensure we maximized the limited space available. In order to avoid oversaturating the area we needed to employ a small team of well-trained field agents to ensure we gained a sufficient number of ongoing donors.


We dedicated resources to ensuring our team was specially trained to increase donor retention and decrease cancellation rates. Both our field agents and cann centre teams focused on ensuring donor satisfaction. Welcome calls proved to be an effective means of retaining donor support. Due to the fact that there is already a strong presence of community support for the hospital in the area, our field agents focused on developing meaningful connections with donors.


Another small but very successful program, MSH continues to rely on us for our face to face fundraising. We acquired an impressive amount of donors to continue to support their efforts and experience very low cancellation rates.