The rate of acquisition, quality of donors, minimal complaints from the community, excellent customer service and rapid response when issues have arisen, have made being in partnership with GFD a very enjoyable collaboration.

Margaret Purcell, MES, CFRE
Manager, Community Campaigns and Donor Stewardship
March of Dimes Canada

March of Dimes Canada has used street and doorstep fundraising since 1949, when “Marching Mothers” went door-to-door to collect dimes to help children with poliomyelitis. Since eradicating the polio virus in recent years, the charity’s focus has shifted to help people with physical disabilities. Street and doorstep fundraising are still an integral part of the charity’s fundraising activities, but the organization has struggled to acquire more longterm monthly donors. Previous fundraising efforts led to high attrition rates. With the loss of donors came the loss of funds. By the summer of 2013, March of Dimes approached Globalfaces Direct to develop a more informative way to raise funds with insights that would minimize attrition.


March of Dimes’ street and doorstep fundraising team needed a more capable partner committed to longterm success. The organization required…

  • Proof that the new face-to-face fundraising provider could generate positive results, revenue and brand value
  • Better technology to analyze donor acquisition in ways that would build a more sustainable longterm strategy
  • Door-to-door acquisition expertise that extended beyond the field to keep acquired donors beyond one year


The organization has recently struggled to not only acquire donors, but keep them. Our team needed to show that we were able to do the following…

  • Proving that Globalfaces Direct’s donor acquisition approach was superior than that of earlier providers
  • Completing face-to-face campaigns on time, on budget and with guaranteed donor attrition below 10%
  • Providing realtime data that helped the charity to work smartly to strengthen longterm relationships


We needed to build a strong face-to-face fundraising campaign with a commitment to results, backed by a set of solid guarantees. Globalfaces Direct…

  • Executed a proven approach with guaranteed first payment and guaranteed donor attrition below 10%
  • Provided realtime analytics and held weekly meetings with key stakeholders to ensure 100% transparency
  • Made certain that the charity could closely monitor all aspects of the face-to-face fundraising campaign


We acquired more longterm monthly donors than expected. Plus we kept donor attrition below 10% in the first three months beyond the campaign…

  • Acquired more longterm monthly donors that other providers
  • Strengthened longterm donor relationships beyond three months
  • Kept donor attrition below 28% one year beyond the campaign

Today, March of Dimes and Globalfaces Direct continue to collaborate on street and doorstep fundraising campaigns. The charity continues to benefit from never-before-shared realtime analytics from the field. The organization finally has the ability to adequately measure the success of each campaign.