World Wide Pandemic

March 2020 face-to-face fundraising shut down across Canada, and across the globe. Businesses and households alike were put into ’lock-down’.  Canadian charities were facing unprecedented times – a worldwide pandemic was griping the globe, the effects were yet to be realized.

Businesses all over the world had to reinvent themselves, face-to-face fundraising was no exception.


Reinventing Your Business

In May 2020, as provinces across Canada started to re-open, CNIB Foundation knowing the importance that face-to-face fundraising was to their mission took immediate action.  They reached out to Globalfaces Direct (GFD) to see if GFD was in a position to fundraise safely in certain Canadian markets… the answer to that was yes.

During the last two months GFD had taken this very real, very serious threat called COVID-19 and worked swiftly to reinvent themselves. A new generation of face-to-face fundraising was born.



  1. New canvasser uniforms to include face masks and wearables that promote distancing.
  2. Easy-to-access sanitization kits to keep canvassers safe of spread.
  3. Digital welcome packages to eliminate passing and exchange of paper form materials.
  4. Updated donor verification scripts to safely process donor information.
  5. Enforced workplace policies to ensure that canvassers are ready forwork and employing safety measures.
  6. Revised gifting options to now accepts one-time gifts that boost charitable donations.
  7. In-depth saftey safety procedure communication on the company website to reaffirm preventative measures and to evoke client confidence


With these changes face-to-face fundraising was and continues to be a low risk activity—much lower risk than at-home deliveries we’ve experienced as a result of retail restrictions (i.e. online shopping, groceries, etc).  Baring in mind public perception, we rolled out slowly and cautiously to ensure Canadians were ready to greet us at the door.

CNIB was a lighthouse beacon… and what followed was nothing short of amazing!


The Result

GFD resumed door-to-door fundraising in Manitoba on May 19, 2020 and the reception was overwhelmingly positive! No complaints were received, only support for a long-standing Canadian charity.


Doors knocked 100 100
Doors opened 55 70
Positive  brand conversations 20 30
Donors acquired 1.2% 2%


As a result of provincial restrictions, GFD found that more donors were at home. This led to more meaningful conversations about CNIB’s brand and mission. Donors were engaging and welcoming, and CNIB realized an increase in daily monthly donations

  • Public perception was positive, people were ‘excited’ for some normalcy.  A number of donors said they were happy to see teams out fundraising on behalf of charities.
  • Many donors commented positively on our physical distancing buttons and hats.


“During a year of uncertainty, having a partner like GFD has been vital to CNIB. Re-entering the canvassing space felt daunting, but GFD helped put us at ease. They’ve helped us continue to grow our monthly giving program, while being a flexible partner during this ever-changing situation.”

Danielle, Director, Direct Marketing & Operations, CNIB Foundation


What Followed

GFD was the first face-to-face vendor to start back-up fundraising for Canadian charities, and once other charities learned of CNIBs success, they quickly followed suit.  By the summer of 2020 Globalfaces Direct fundraising teams were out in full force fundraising across Canada, as each province lifted it’s restrictions.  A new era of fundraising has arrived, stronger and more successful for Canadian charities. At Globalfaces Direct we are adaptable and resilient and are ready to partner with non-for-profit organizations across North America.

Thank you CNIB – when CNIB says Working Together for Change, they mean it!