CAMH was searching for a sustainable, long-term source of revenue to fund their ongoing research efforts and to build new research centres and facilities. Not only that, but CAMH was looking to advocate on behalf of those affected by mental health and addictions issues.


 With a small catchment area within the GTA, we faced difficulties regarding territory management. We needed to develop teams specialized in multiple forms of face-to-face fundraising to ensure we met the needs of CAMH while working inside the given perimeters.


GFD sent field representatives beyond our immediate catchment areas to ensure we would meet volume targets while maintaining high donor quality and long-term support. With limited available territory, we explored other forms of face-to-face fundraising, including street marketing and business-to-business fundraising to ensure we made optimal use of the available territory. Our field agents were well-trained to attract donors as well as protect brand integrity. Unique to the CAMH campaign, our field agents continuously help to end the stigma surrounding mental health issues by engaging in open, honest conversation with all members of the public.


Our CAMH campaign has grown in size each year as we have managed to meet our targets, maintain high donor-quality and long-term support, surpass deadlines, and stay on budget.