Our partnership with Globalfaces Direct has provided Christian Children’s Fund of Canada (CCFC) with a viable marketing & communications channel to encourage Canadian donors to support the work we do in the communities we serve around the world. Our door-to-door fundraising provides CCFC with a highly personal face-to-face approach to educate potential donors about our work and the many children & families that benefit.

Dave Callan
Director, Marketing
Christian Children’s Fund of Canada

Back in 2012, CCFC’s fund development team used Direct Response TV (DRTV) as their primary source for reaching out to attract new monthly donors. It was approaching the end of Q3 of their fiscal campaign. They were  below acquisition targets. They faced a dilemma. Apply more effort to DRTV or pursue face-to-face fundraising, something new to the charity. During the last fiscal quarter, they knew they needed an experienced team to help them plan, execute and evaluate face-to-face fundraising. That’s when CCFC approached face-to-face fundraising pros at Globalfaces Direct.


CCFC’s fund development team wasn’t sure if face-to-face fundraising was the best option for their charity. We knew that CCFC needed to…

  • Validate the existence of face-to-face fundraising as a legitimate and viable longterm donor acquisition strategy
  • Determine a strong, sustainable acquisition strategy with a lower Coast of Acquisition than Direct Response TV
  • Test different demographics with the help of proprietary technology, otherwise untapped by traditional media
  • Create and evaluate different ask product offerings, deviating away from the traditional TV sponsorship model


We set out to prove to CCFC that face-to-face fundraising was the best way to attract donors. We aimed to show CCFC that our approach was…

  • Unlike other forms of push marketing because we connected with donors directly and guaranteed impressions
  • Capable of predicting how many potential donors heard their pitch, enabled by proprietary tablet technology
  • Adept at ensuring guaranteed Cost per Acquisition, which let the charity to increase future acquisition budget


We needed to put together an experienced face-to-face fundraising team to focus on door-to-door acquisition and street acquisition. Our team…

  • Recruited, hired and trained field agents, and deployed them in five cities across Canada to interview passersby and knock on doors
  • Planned, created and developed specific technology to provide CCFC with realtime access to donor insights and sponsorship results
  • Acquired more than 3,000 potential donors by the end of CCFC’s fiscal year, a target our team was able to surpass by the end of Q4


Our efforts delivered more than 3,000 potential donors on time and on budget, which helped our business earn a significant budget increase.

  • Subsequent renewal was completed 3 months ahead of schedule
  • Provided a new view of donor analytics across multiple campaigns
  • Secured a long term partnership between CCFC and Globalfaces

CCFC and Globalfaces Direct continue to work together on face-to-face fundraising campaigns that enable the charity to continue to acquire longterm monthly donors, evaluate current methods in realtime and retain donors with highly targeted follow-up strategies. How may we help your charity?