Working with Globalfaces was a wonderful experience. They helped us create a focused and personalized campaign. Having not done a campaign of this kind in years, we had challenges to overcome. Their team was a great support to us and available for last minute calls and emails. I’m very happy with how our campaign turned out, and I’m excited to see how we can continue to grow our monthly giving program with Globalfaces Direct.

Laura Graham
Development Manager
Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research (CANFAR)

Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research (CANFAR) hasn’t pursued face-to-face fundraising in years. They have a small legacy group of monthly donors, but they’d like to reach out to the public to both raise awareness and increase funding. First, CANFAR’s team needed to know how the general public would respond to the research foundation. They needed to test a small campaign. That’s when they reached out to Globalfaces Direct for help.


CANFAR wanted to explore door-to-door acquisition for the first time in years, and foundation leaders needed Globalfaces Direct to provide…

  • Proof that the new door-to-door fundraising provider could generate positive results, revenue and brand value
  • New technology to analyze donor interactions in ways that would keep BC Cancer Foundation well informed
  • Sincere, caring field agents to effectively and efficiently approach the general public about the CANFAR brand


The foundation’s systems and processes were not built around a face-to-face fundraising platform, and Globalfaces Direct needed to build a…

  • Custom workaround that would integrate payments and donor information into CANFAR’s systems


In addition to customizing our technology and face-to-face fundraising platform to seamlessly integrate with CANFAR processes, our team…

  • Started off with a small face-to-face fundraising campaign with a small ask of $10 per month
  • Customized a PCI compliant solution that allow us to push data into CANFAR’s CRM system
  • Provided realtime analytics and held meetings with key stakeholders to ensure transparency

We acquired an ideal amount of longterm monthly donors by using experienced field agents and never-before-shared analytics. Our team…

  • Acquired more longterm monthly donors during the first door-to-door campaign
  • Provided support to help CANFAR gain the most benefit from D2D campaigning

CANFAR was able to raise awareness and increase recurring donations. This will help the foundation continue to pursue leading research that will continue to work towards ending AIDS around the world. CANFAR and Globalfaces Direct will continue to work together on monthly giving programs.