We partnered with Globalfaces Direct in May of 2013. Globalfaces Direct quickly understood our mission and were able to take our brand and the vision of “a world free from cancer” to the door-steps of hundreds-of-thousands of prospective donors. In the past year alone, our program has grown by more than 188%. Globalfaces Direct field-staff are very professional, knowledgeable and courteous to our donors. In all of our training and orientation sessions, we were very impressed by the caliber of canvassers that GFD recruits for our campaigns. The management team is very involved in the day-to-day operations and has been very responsive to all our requests. With respect to our financial growth, we found GFD to be very transparent, open-minded, and demonstrated an interest in helping us to achieve our recruitment/retention goals.

Moses Gabriel
Director of Development, Personal Giving Department
BC Cancer Foundation

BC Cancer Foundation has long understood that door-to-door fundraising is one of the best ways to acquire donors. Thanks to increased awareness and support from donors, BC Cancer Foundation has more power to fund research that enhances care and improves lives.  The foundation developed a strategic plan to acquire a significant amount of donors within three years. To make sure that ambitious goal was met,  a strong field acquisition network with proper reporting to track activity and acquire more longterm donors was needed. BC Cancer Foundation reached out to Globalfaces Direct in 2013, and we’ve been working together ever since to acquire more longterm donors than any other provider in the most transparent way possible.


BC Cancer Foundation vowed to acquire 20,000 donors within three years. To do this effectively, this was what BC Cancer Foundation needed…

  • Proof that the new door-to-door fundraising provider could generate positive results, revenue and brand value
  • New technology to analyze donor interactions in ways that would keep BC Cancer Foundation well informed
  • A strong field acquisition network with the ability to consistently build quality longterm donor relationships


The foundation needed a more responsive way to acquire donors. Using a dedicated team of field agents and new technology, we could address…

  • Fundraising transparency, from reporting responses to sharing attrition rates in ways that improve results
  • Strategic planning, which required that we help the foundation reach 20,000 donors in just three years


We needed to build a strong face-to-face fundraising campaign with technology that identified the success of each acquisition. Our team…

  • Executed a tested face-to-face fundraising method with an aim to acquire the large amount donors in three years
  • Provided realtime analytics and held weekly meetings with key stakeholders to ensure 100% transparency

We acquired an ideal amount of longterm monthly donors by using experienced field agents and never-before-shared analytics. Our team…

  • Acquired more longterm monthly donors during the first campaign that originally targeted
  • Increased the number of recurring donors by 100% during year two

BC Cancer Foundation’s fundraising team was impressed with these results and the level of transparency that Globalfaces Direct brought to the table, and so they hired our team to handle all face-to-face fundraising during fiscal year 2015. The organization is one year closer to its 20,000 donors goal.