“Amnesty International has worked with Globalfaces since 2015 and in that time Globalfaces has recruited several hundred dedicated new monthly donors to Amnesty’s life-saving human rights work. The staff are professional, well-spoken, well-trained and believe in Amnesty International’s human rights work. Overall the Globalfaces team is a pleasure to work with!”


When Amnesty International and Globalfaces began their partnership, Amnesty presented the goal of building a sustainable source of monthly revenue. At the same time, they wanted our assistance in altering the widely accepted perception of their brand as intimidating and extreme. They sought not only to gain donor support but to educate the public regarding their causes.


During our first run of this campaign in 2015, we faced difficulty in balancing acquisition and ongoing support. Monthly donors were acquired in record numbers, but by the time the campaign was in it’s final stages, many of those valued donors had already cancelled their monthly giving program.


Globalfaces focused on the strategic restructuring of the entire campaign. It was apparent that our field agents were well-trained and excelling in their task, so we shifted the focus from overall volume and acquisition to retention and donor quality. We employed specialized teams within the HIVE to deliver confirmation e-mails and welcome calls while analyzing real-time data via Insight to assess our retention and hone in on areas of improvement. Looking into the future, the analytics generated via Insight help to ensure that Globalfaces will continue to only target markets with ideal donors for Amnesty International.


The talent of our field agents, the skill-set of our HIVE team, and our exclusive technology has made our Amnesty International campaigns the highest-ranking nationwide in terms of donor quality and retention. Thus far, we have found great success in Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia.