Explore Globalfaces Direct's thoughts on opportunities for face-to-face fundraising agencies.

An Opportunity for All Face-to-face Fundraising Agencies

It’s hard to raise more funds without interacting face-to-face these days. Email hits the junk mail folder. TV ads often go unnoticed. Plus it’s hard to measure success. As more people add themselves to do-not-mail and do-not-call and unsubscribe lists, canvassing door to door, at the mall or on the street is becoming the holy grail of giving. Rising demand for more longterm monthly donors has created a multitude of face-to-face fundraising agencies. We feel that competition isn’t bad. In fact it’s helping us create a better partnership with our not-for-profit organizations.

In this not-for-profit services niche, we’ve found that fundraisers aren’t comfortable with competition. In fact they’ll do anything they can to prevent it. That’s why some face-to-face fundraising agencies of the past would demand signatures on longterm contracts before testing a small sample. Little to no fundraising agencies were providing donor analytics. The focus was often to get any donor to signup and keep charities from knowing the results.

We didn’t like how things were going. That’s why we entered the space with no longterm contracts upfront, the ability to test small samples before campaign launch, and focus on transparency that not only builds trust between us and the charity, but also helps charities make better decisions.

“Many of us come from the private sector world, working in leadership roles for major telecom and energy sector organizations where fierce competition is motivating and transparency for clients is critical to the success of a strong partnership” says President Peter Hwang. “That’s helped us appreciate the influx of face-to-face fundraising agencies, rather than try to discredit their work.”

There are a number of ways that new competition among face-to-face fundraising agencies makes us a stronger, more capable partner for your charity.

GFD Insight is one example. That’s our in-house nonprofit donor software. The presence of new face-to-face fundraising agencies with workable options for our charities has helped us continue to build on our nonprofit donor software. We’ve fine-tuned its capacity to capture realtime donor analytics, share it with key stakeholders, and guide our charities to make informed decisions that ensure donor acquisition with low attrition, well beyond one year.

See our latest nonprofit donor software update, which includes the ability to process first-time payments instantly and provide ongoing real time information on who your best target market is and why.  This is scheduled to launch October 2015.

Another way friendly competition among face-to-face fundraising agencies has helped our business is the drive to develop a tighter script and use it to interact with the most qualified donors, rather than fixed-income college kids that aim to give a one-time gift and then cancel their monthly donations.

The cloistered good old boy’s club days are gone. We’re all here to help charities do good, well. Let’s do it. Let’s aim to find better ways in which to do it. We have people to meet, so let’s head to Bay and Bloor, Yonge and King, Robson Square, and, of course, all points in between to acquire donors.

If you ever want to talk shop, we’re game. Tweet, contact us or phone 1-877-688-3384. We look forward to hearing from you.

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