How Fundraising Consultants Use Nonprofit Donor Software

How Our Fundraising Consultants Use Advanced Nonprofit Donor Software to Rally Support for Plan Canada’s Because I am a Girl

62 million girls are out of school. Each year, 15 million girls are forced to marry. The leading cause of death among girls aged 15-19 in developing nations is pregnancy, according to As we struggle for gender equality here at home, girls struggle throughout the world. How can we combat gender inequality in developing countries? Plan Canada “aims to achieve lasting improvements in the quality of life of children, families and communities in developing countries.” This charity counts on our experienced fundraising consultants and the industry’s most advanced nonprofit donor software to gain lasting support from donors. Next month we’ll continue to knock on doors and interact with our neighbours for Plan Canada.

Plan Canada is one of the world’s oldest international charities working to end poverty worldwide. Plan Canada was founded in 1937 with only one purpose: “to improve the lives of children.” Because I Am a Girl is Plan Canada’s international movement to end gender inequality, champion girls’ rights and bring millions of girls out of poverty. Plan Canada helps 56 million children last year. Funding from individual donors is critical.

70% of Plan Canada’s face-to-face fundraising involves monthly child sponsorships. Plan Canada reached out to Globalfaces Direct in 2013 to combine face-to-face fundraising acumen with the most advanced nonprofit donor software to manage face-to-face. Since then, Globalfaces Direct and Plan Canada have worked well together to raise awareness and acquire longterm monthly donors with low attrition. We’ll partner again on July 1.

How do our experienced fundraising consultants use the most advanced nonprofit donor software to help your organization succeed face-to-face?

While there are many fundraising applications that tout they give your charity campaign control , few are able to see how well the pitch goes. Few can track key demographics and behaviours. Few help you identify campaign problems and tell you what you need to do right now to fix them. Few advanced nonprofit donor software programs, if any, are advanced enough give you these insights in realtime. Only one does that. That’s Insight.

Insight from Globalfaces Direct is an advanced nonprofit donor software that empowers our fundraising consultants through technology that seamlessly links their tablets to your existing donor management system. It delivers realtime donor info and lets you conduct in-depth analysis to ensure the strongest ROI. All that helps you keep better tabs on face-to-face fundraising. And that helps you get the most qualified longterm monthly donors.

By using Insight, our fundraising consultants ensure that Plan Canada and its Because I Am a Girl movement have the support that is critical to creating the most beneficial fundraising campaign. Support ensures that more girls are educated, healthy and empowered. It empowers them so that they pull themselves, their children and their communities out of poverty. It leads us a little closer to ensuring gender equality in all communities.

Is your charity struggling with face-to-face fundraising? Do you need a more integrative campaign solution? Do you crave transparency from your old school provider? Contact Globalfaces Direct about advanced nonprofit donor software that helps you further your cause.

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