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Our Nonprofit Donor Retention Management Gurus Attend Plan Canada’s Top 20 Under 20™ Awards to Celebrate Youth Leaders


You’re never too young to change the world. Don’t underestimate the power of a young person with a big idea.

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Young Canadians volunteer more often than older Canadians. According to Stats Canada, more than one-half of people aged 15 to 24 (58%) do volunteer work for charities. Out of these exceptional group of volunteers, only the top 10% of those surveyed did more than 10 weeks worth of full-time volunteering. That’s dedication. And among these elite volunteers are exceptional kids that demonstrate extraordinary innovation, leadership, achievement and impact at school, in their community, throughout Canada or around the world. These kids become the Top 20 Under 20™.

Top 20 Under 20™ is a part of Plan Canada’s youth engagement initiatives. According to Plan Canada, the Top 20 Under 20™ program “recognizes 20 of Canada’s brightest youth, celebrating their innovation, leadership and achievement.” This young persons leadership program empowers the upcoming generation of future leaders who are already working hard to create positive change. This past Wednesday was the annual awards ceremony.

We’re often inspired by our very own young leaders that hit the streets every day to help charities acquire more longterm donors. It’s only natural that our hearts swell when we see young people doing amazing things like developing apps for social initiatives and raising money to educate girls in Afghanistan and even finding new ways to treat HIV+ patients. These 20 kids have done big things, and we were there to hear them this week.

Here are Globalfaces Direct President Peter Hwang and his daughter at Wednesday’s Top 20 Under 20™ Leadership Summit and Award Ceremony…

Globalfaces Direct President Peter Hwang at Plan Canada's Top 20 Under 20

And say “Hello!” to Ronen and Kayla from Globalfaces Direct’s headquarters team. They also attended the ceremony at One King West Hotel in Toronto…

Peter, Kayla and Ronen at Plan Canada's Top 20 Under 20

Meet the young women and men who make up the Top 20 Under 20™. Read more about the Top 20 Under 20™Discover all three of Plan Canada’s youth engagement programs, including #PlanforChange and Career Learning Days. See how our nonprofit donor retention team pros have helped Plan Canada with face-to-face fundraising that provided a new view of donor analytics for B2B and D2D campaigns and acquired longterm donors.

What does it take to create young leaders? Leadership. And what does it take to have leadership? Education. In the speech that he had prepared to give to a Dallas crowd on November 22, 1963, John F. Kennedy wrote, “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” As we educate young minds here at home, let us also aim to do the right things to give girls and boys around the world access to shelter, food security and, most importantly, education. That’s how youth-focused initiatives by Plan Canada and Because I Am A Girl ensure that tomorrow will be a better place for all.

Especially after this week’s event, we feel inspired to invest in youth, just around the corner and throughout the world. How about you?

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