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Non Profit Fundraising Consultants at Globalfaces Direct Celebrate the Opening of Our New Headquarters in Toronto

When your spouse, kids and parents join you for turkey sliders, chicken bites and corn on the cob in Toronto on a Friday afternoon, something special is going on. Usually it’s Grandma’s birthday or your little nephew’s graduation, or Hanukah or Christmas. Everyone joined us at our new Toronto headquarters to pause and appreciate a significant milestone. May 2015 marked three years in the business of helping charities around the world do good with better, more sustainable funding. In just three years our business has grown. We’ve grown close. It’s natural that we celebrate with family.

Globalfaces Direct | Celebration from May 2015 Globalfaces Direct | Celebration from May 2015  2Globalfaces Direct | Celebration from May 2015

Just like any family celebration, ours kicks off with food. We hired The Food Dudes to take care of catering. Last time we let one of our backyard barbecuing dads near a grill, well, let’s just say it took a few weeks for his eyebrows to grow back. The Food Dudes not only kept their eyebrows, they made some delicious eats. Jordan loved the swordfish appetizers. The turkey sliders were a hit with everyone. And Matt’s son ate corn on the cob like an inspired Ernest Hemingway at his standing desk typewriter. We had to ignore Facebook etiquette and take photos. We shall never forget food heaven.

Non profit fundraising consultants celebrate with food from The Food DudesThe Food Dudes Food 2The Food Dudes Food 3

It was a packed house at 25 Lesmill Road that night with moms, dads and kids running around. We shared stories from the front lines of face-to-face fundraising. We talked about how the unfair stigma of non profit fundraising consultants is starting to change, thanks to our commitment to tech-driven information sharing and transparency. We also talked about primary schools, golf games and recent fishing stories from the lake. And of course we huddled around pictures of Jordan’s baby daughter, likely snuggled up with her mother on the West Coast. We’re lucky. And grateful. Thank you.

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From our Globalfaces Direct family to yours, Happy Father’s Day. May your weekend be filled with heart, joy and fond memories. Or lightning-fast jet skis.

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