March of Dimes uses Non Profit Consulting Firms

March of Dimes Canada Will Continue to Partner with One of the Best Non Profit Consulting Firms for Face-to-face Fundraising

Globalfaces Direct is thrilled to announce that March of Dimes Canada will extend its partnership with us. Among all the other non profit consulting firms available these days, we’ve been chosen once again as their exclusive face-to-face fundraising partner. 

March of Dimes Canada’s D2D acquisition has come a long way since marching mothers distributed cardboard collection cards to gather up dimes from families during the Polio-stricken 1950s. Since then the charity has become an expert fundraiser. As retention strategies change and technology advances, the charity needs support. Today the charity requires any non profit consulting firms they choose to have the talent to stay the course.

Most non profit consulting firms value longterm client relationships as much as their clients value donor acquisition and donor retention. But few fundraising consultants are willing to test small samples, use new technology and pull it all off with a high degree of transparency. Most fundraising consultancies built lasting partnerships with binding contracts upfront and top secret fundraising services. In fact, when Globalfaces started back in 2012, no other charity fundraising experts were embracing these new donor acquisition and donor retention programs. Their loss.

Not only did charities lose trust in other non profit consulting firms, they lost donors. No one knew what was happening out in the field. No one shared how to enhance donor acquisition and retention strategies. They simply knocked on doors. And they signed up just about anyone.

When Ontario March of Dimes Canada approached us mid-fiscal year to ask for help back in 2013, the Ontario-based charity didn’t have a sufficient number of recurring monthly donors. Rate of attrition was high. Donor-based funding was low. The international charity needed a more capable street and doorstep fundraising partner to acquire more longterm monthly donors.

What March of Dimes Canada needed was to test samples before launching a campaign; they needed access to realtime data with insights that would empower them to act fast in ways that would acquire and retain more donors; and they needed trustworthy fundraising consultants.

The results proved to March of Dimes Canada that we were at the top of the best non profit consulting firms. We acquired more longterm donors than any other provider. We kept attrition rate below 10% at three months and ensured longterm donor retention of 72% at one year.

Today March of Dimes Canada has renewed its commitment to partner with one of the most capable non profit consulting firms in Canada. Globalfaces Direct and March of Dimes Canada will continue to work together on door-to-door acquisition, street acquisition and donor retention.

Have you tried other non profit consulting firms, only to find that you come up short there months after a campaign? Would you like to know what’s going on out in the field? Reach out to us about a tested, tech driven and transparent acquisition and retention strategy.

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