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Non Profit Consultants Share Why Face-to-Face Fundraising Must Be a Key Component of Your Fund Development Strategy

Some non profit consultant skeptics say face-to-face is a waste of time. They say street fundraising is too aggressive. They say attrition rates too often rise above 50% after a year. We disagree. For years we’ve used face-to-face fundraising to increase funding for charities, such as BC Cancer Foundation, March of Dimes, Red Cross, UNICEF, Plan Canada and Canadian Cancer Society. What about your non profit consultants and your charity? Does your fund development plan include face-to-face fundraising? Tell us about it. Tweet with our team @Global_Faces or contact our non profit consultants for a confidential meeting.

Your fund development plan is just as important as your overall strategic plan. Just as your overall strategic plan provides guidance, your fund development plan helps you zero in on securing longterm financing to carry out your strategic plan. A good fund development plan raises awareness of fundraising best practices and reinforces philanthropy ownership. As you consider this aspect of your strategic direction, it’s sometimes difficult to get board members and executive teams to move past the annual art auction or the TV ad that for years only helped your charity to just keep the lights on.

The most dangerous phrase in the language is, ‘We’ve always done it this way.’
—Grace Murray Hopper in Computer World (1976)

It doesn’t matter if your organization provides sustainable solutions to deliver clean water to struggling villages of Africa or ensures women and children have access to emergency shelter after the devastating earthquake in Nepal, people don’t give if you don’t ask. They may have every intention of helping you make a difference, but there are a lot of distractions out there. There are a lot of charities out there. People lose focus. And you lose donors.

Bottom line: if you require funding for your charity, you must ask for it. There is no better way to ask for financial support than to speak face-to-face with potential donors. Doing so is easy when your canvassers are passionate about your cause. Their personal conversations bring more qualified longterm monthly donors to your charity. Integrated marketing activities, such as upgrading by phone, retain monthly donors longer. If you stay in contact with donors, the attrition rate remains low. Read how our non profit consultants helped one charity maintain attrition at 28% after one year.

A great number of monthly donors can be acquired by face-to-face fundraising. That’s impressive, but it’s the ability to nurture the most qualified donors by using integrated marketing solutions that extend beyond face-to-face fundraising to keep in touch, upgrade giving amounts, update credit card expiry dates and, most importantly, remain relevant. That’s how face-to-face fundraising becomes a lasting success. Whether you rely on door-to-door acquisition or event marketing acquisition, face-to-face fundraising can easily become an impressive activity for your fund development strategy.

Let our team of non profit consultants show you the potential of a well done face-to-face fundraising campaign. We never require longterm contracts upfront and we even test a small sample to prove to you that it works. And we’ll stick with you to make sure that it pays for years to come. Contact us.

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