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Globalfaces Direct acquires more longterm donors because we do more than knock on doors. Our field agents make a good impression without being pushy. Our technology and realtime analytics keep you informed and steps ahead of other organizations. Plus our retention services go well beyond fundraising face-to-face so that donors continue to give well beyond the first few months. Whether we go door-to-door or followup on leads, we always aim to be the best longterm partner for your charity. No longterm contracts upfront. No bullies. No bullhorns. And no bull. Just strategies that work.

Make this your go-to blog for fundraising face-to-face. Here, we’ll celebrate campaigns that bring target-smashing results and longterm support.

Meet the Globalfaces Direct Head Office Team: Tess

Our team is the big force behind transparent fundraising processes, insight-generating donor software and effective face-to-face fundraising. This new blog post series invites you to get to know us. […]

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Meet the Globalfaces Direct Head Office Team: Kayla

Our team is the big force behind transparent fundraising processes, insight-generating donor software and the most effective face-to-face fundraising program. We feel it’s time you get to know […]

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Our Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Recruiters Explain What It Takes to Be a Non-profit Charity Fundraiser at Globalfaces Direct

Earlier this week our non-profit charity fundraisers set out to knock on doors across the Lower Mainland to introduce neighbours to the important work of War Child […]

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The Guarantee of New Donor Retention Rates Helps Build Trust Between Global Charities and Our Non Profit Consulting Firm

For the majority of nonprofit consulting firms, attrition rate among first-time donors soared above 30 percent one year beyond face-to-face fundraising campaigns. For some organizations without the right stewardship program, […]

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Non Profit Consultants Share Why Face-to-Face Fundraising Must Be a Key Component of Your Fund Development Strategy

Some non profit consultant skeptics say face-to-face is a waste of time. They say street fundraising is too aggressive. They say attrition rates too often rise above 50% […]

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Non Profit Fundraising Consultants at Globalfaces Direct Celebrate the Opening of Our New Headquarters in Toronto

When your spouse, kids and parents join you for turkey sliders, chicken bites and corn on the cob in Toronto on a Friday afternoon, something […]

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Non Profit Fundraising Consultants Reveal How We Approach Strangers Future Friends about the Opportunity to Give Back

Most pedestrians and commuters on public transit don’t talk to strangers. They don’t make eye contact. They keep their distance. And they never mention the weather. The […]

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Our Nonprofit Donor Retention Management Gurus Attend Plan Canada’s Top 20 Under 20™ Awards to Celebrate Youth Leaders

  You’re never too young to change the world. Don’t underestimate the power of a young person with a big idea. —@JohnLoughton #Dare2Lead Young Canadians […]

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How Our Fundraising Consultants Use Advanced Nonprofit Donor Software to Rally Support for Plan Canada’s Because I am a Girl

62 million girls are out of school. Each year, 15 million girls are forced to marry. The leading cause of death among girls aged 15-19 […]

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Fundraising Consultants Use Advanced Donor Software to Help Sunnybrook Foundation Acquire More Longterm Monthly Donors

Healthcare is a fundamental right in Canada. Each citizen has a right to access medical treatments, surgeries and other health services. At Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre […]

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