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{Re}Building A Brand: The New Face of Donor Acquisition

{Re}Building A Brand: The New Face of Donor Acquisition

Building a brand is a thoughtful process. Many associate re-branding with a new or updated logo and/or colour scheme, but the actual discipline of branding is much more than that—it’s […]

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In the beginning In March of 2020, the World Health Organization declared the COVID-19 virus a global pandemic. Little did we know that this pandemic presented a threat that would not […]

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In the beginning Something very few people know is the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ Globalfaces came to be. It wasn’t for the usual reasons – money, freedom or guaranteed success. It was […]

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As I processed Tessy’s gift of $30 per month, a gift that will give children access to safe drinking water, I asked her what motivated her to give?  Her reply?  […]

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The Importance of Quality Assurance Globalfaces Direct works with many charitable organizations to raise donations for a variety of campaigns – donations that are vital to ensuring these organizations can […]

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What inspires you to fundraise for Plan International Canada? / What do you admire about Plan International Canada? Prior to starting at Globalfaces, I oversaw the acquisition program at Plan […]

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Picture this: Giving Tuesday is just around the corner and your nonprofit’s staff is scrambling to optimize your nonprofit website for the upcoming digital fundraising campaigns. Time is of the […]