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The Guarantee of New Donor Retention Rates Helps Build Trust Between Global Charities and Our Non Profit Consulting Firm

For the majority of nonprofit consulting firms, attrition rate among first-time donors soared above 30 percent one year beyond face-to-face fundraising campaigns. For some organizations without the right stewardship program, attrition could reach 50-60%. As a result, charity executives began to fear the longterm costs of door-to-door fundraising. They were fed empty promises and misinformation from dishonest fundraisers and ill-equipped non profit consulting companies. If unfair contracts and a lack of transparency didn’t scare off charities, a lack of focus on stewardship programs to ensure new donor retention rates would burn bridges between charities and face-to-face fundraising consultants and longterm success. That was then.

We are grateful to an older generation of industry trailblazers and to seasoned nonprofit executives for what they’ve taught us about fundraising. Thanks to refined processes, new technology and an ambitious generation of face-to-face fundraising professionals, charities can expect much more from campaigning face-to-face. These days the benefits outweigh the risks, especially the longterm risk of donor attrition. We guarantee low attrition.

At Globalfaces Direct, we know how difficult it is to trust one more face-to-face fundraising provider after what you’ve been through. In fact we’ve been there, too, which is one reason why we formed a more transparent non profit consulting agency. We don’t require contracts upfront to give you more time to choose the right partnership for your charity. We test a small sample, proving that what we do works BEFORE we knock on thousands of doors per day. And everything we do, everything we discover about potential donors and every result is shared with you—thanks to Insight—in realtime.

Best of all, Globalfaces Direct guarantees new donor retention rates one year beyond your face-to-face fundraising campaign.

Beyond hiring compassionate, experienced and salary-based fundraisers, and fine-tuning a script that acquires more longterm monthly donors, our greatest task is working one-on-one with you to make sure that 60-80% of new donors stick around after one year. Every charity is different, and there is no one-strategy-fits-all approach, but the aim is to keep in touch in ways that express gratitude and show how their generosity impacts lives worldwide.

It takes four-and-a-half times the effort to acquire new donors than it does to renew existing donors. That’s why stewardship is key.

We’ve promised new donor retention rates to organizations like Canadian Red Cross and BC Cancer Agency, and we’ve been able to fulfill our promises. Not only have these organizations continued to work with us, each has kept the attrition rate low, ensuring millions of dollars in recurring donations.

Read our face-to-face fundraising results. Let’s set new donor retention rates for your not-for-profit charity. Call 1-877-688-3384.

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