Meet the Globalfaces Head Office Team: Paul

Meet Paul, even though he is one of the newest members of our Globalfaces Family he has become a pivotal part of the team. With Paul, we took a giant leap forward in our journey towards being one of the most transparent and effective fundraising organizations in the industry.

Paul has been an essential part of creating The Hive at Globalfaces Direct — our brand new Call Centre initiative. The Hive serves as the first point of contact between our partner organizations and the donors that support them. With an emphasis on exceptional customer care and transparency we are able to ensure long term giving and solid Donor-Charity relationships.


What do you do at Globalfaces Direct?

“I am the Director of Call Centre Operations for Globalfaces Direct, I am responsible for overseeing all things Hive related – and most importantly overseeing donor interactions with GFD Partners.”


Why do you do what you do?

“Contact centres are one of the main ways a customer (in our case donor) can interact with an organization. We’re here to ensure it’s a smooth and pleasant interaction.”


What brought you to fundraising?

“I have spent most of my career the Telco/Finance industry, I decided to make a change because I wanted to give back and help people out.”


What’s one face-to-face fundraising campaign that stands out for you? Why?

“Sickkids, The Hospital for Sick Children, any organization that helps children is close to my heart – my nephew spent some time at Sickkids when he was 5 months, they are truly an amazing group of people!”


What’s one face-to-face fundraising story you’ve heard (from a fundraiser or someone helped by it) that has impacted your life?

“Someone very dear to me spent some time in the cancer wing of Sunnybrook hospital, simply being able to work with such an amazing organization and know that the work we do changes the lives of people everyday is a truly wonderful feeling.”


What inspires you? What motivates you?

“Goals, we always have to aspire to make them and reach them!”


How do you inspire/motivate others?

“Empowerment and trust – if you can’t trust your team, they shouldn’t be your team.”


What’s the change(s) that you hope to see in the world?

“Unity, there are so many disconnects everywhere, be between individuals, businesses or countries – that is something that I would really like to see stop!”


What makes you laugh?

“My wife, she is truly the most hilarious person I know. No matter what kind of day a person has had, all she needs is five minutes to turn their frown upside down”.


At Globalfaces Direct headquarters in Toronto, Ontario, we’ve assembled a diverse team of experienced professionals like Paul with big hearts and many of the same motivations and values and hopes as our field agents and our non-profit charity clients. Join us as we continue this blog post series that celebrates each individual in our close-knit team. We invite you to join our conversation on Twitter. We often use #teamGFD when we share our story with you. If you would like to reach out to any of our teammates, or you’d like to team up with us, contact us or speak to us… 1-647-313-3284

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