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Meet the Globalfaces Direct Head Office Team: Tess

Our team is the big force behind transparent fundraising processes, insight-generating donor software and effective face-to-face fundraising. This new blog post series invites you to get to know us.

Meet Tess, she’s been with our non-profit charity consultancy and its subsidiary, Samsara Marketing Group, for the past two years. She started out in street and door-to-door fundraising, where she learned firsthand exactly what it takes to be among the best fundraising professionals in the business. She now works at Globalfaces headquarters in Toronto as a recruiter, helping us find the most qualified and the most passionate fundraisers.

What do you do?

“I​ have been a recruiter with Globalfaces Direct, for the last two years.”

Why do you do what you do?

“I ​began my journey with Globalfaces at the fundraising level, and I moved into recruiting to explore a different part of the business.”

What brought you to fundraising?

“F​undraising is something that sort of fell into my lap, I left a job in a high-end retail setting in search of a career where I could do something meaningful and feel like I could make a difference in the world in some small way.”

Which campaign stands out for you? Why?

“A​s part of the fundraising team I had the chance to work with a number of amazing charities, such as Amnesty International, Canadian Red Cross, UNICEF, Children’s Fund of Canada and many others. One face-to-face fundraising campaign that stood out to me the Canadian Red Cross. Their “Anywhere, Anytime” mentality speaks to me. I am really drawn to organizations that keep their promises.”

What’s one face-to-face fundraising story you’ve heard that has impacted your life?

“As a face-to-face fundraising professional first, I felt the impact of what I did every day. It was nice to see communities come together to appreciate what a fundraiser is trying to do in their community.”

What’s the change(s) that you hope to see in the world?

“I​’d like to see the day that fundraising is obsolete. I know that sounds weird considering my line of work, but I look forward to a day where we don’t have to fight for equality, children’s well being and support for hospitals. I look forward to the day when this is as natural a thing for people as texting.”

What can we do to help?

“T​eamwork makes a dream work.”

What makes you laugh?

“H​onestly, anything makes me laugh, its good for the soul.”

At Globalfaces Direct headquarters in Toronto, Ontario, we’ve assembled a diverse team of experienced professionals like Tess with big hearts and many of the same motivations and values and hopes as our field agents and our non-profit charity clients. Join us as we continue this blog post series that celebrates each individual in our close-knit team. We invite you to join our conversation on Twitter. We often use #teamGFD when we share our story with you. If you would like to reach out to any of our teammates, or you’d like to team up with us, contact us or speak to us… 1-647-313-3284


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