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How Face-to-face Fundraising Services for Nonprofits Will Help War Child Acquire and Retain More Longterm Monthly Donors

Face-to-face fundraising services for nonprofits can transform the usual fundraiser into a more engaging campaign that builds lasting relationships with potential donors and brings in more longterm contributions, but only if you have the right approach, a great team and the best technology.

It can be challenging for nonprofit organizations to hit the streets and knock on doors. Most organizations struggle to acquire and retain longterm monthly donors because they don’t have the right field agents or fail to test the script or just don’t connect with potential donors who, quite frankly, don’t view charity fundraisers in neighbourly ways. It can be daunting to put together a winning face-to-face fundraising campaign, and oftentimes fundraisers abandon the idea for safer, more convenient solutions. The problem is nothing else works as well as face-to-face fundraising. Direct TV has a much worse return on investment. Mailings are hit or miss. But face-to-face campaigning—if done well—can bring a whole lot of good to your cause.

War Child needs to increase funding without tying up internal resources and, therefore, limiting the opportunities to help children of war-torn communities to thrive. The big challenge for War Child is whether or not hiring out face-to-face fundraising services would work well enough to raise significant brand awareness and bring in sustainable funding for the UK-based organization. As technology driven charity fundraising experts, we set out to prove that our fundraising services for nonprofits can meet the needs and reach the goals of War Child’s fund development initiatives.

As we have done with other charities we have supported, we work diligently to align ourselves with War Child’s mission to “work with war-affected communities to help children reclaim their childhood through access to education, opportunity and justice.” As we get to know the organization’s active role in raising public awareness of the impact of war on communities, we come up with a custom way to do face-to-face fundraising services for nonprofits that will ensure the most benefit to War Child. Before we launch the full campaign, we test a small sample to prove that our approach would work well across Canada. This not only proved our worth to War Child, it ensured the most targeted acquisition strategy for a positive campaign.

Then we put our experienced field agents to work. Dressed in official War Child gear and armed with tablet PC technology, these field agents not only converse to acquire more longterm monthly donors, they provide realtime information to War Child’s fund development team. That lets them know that the script is performing well, the interactions are going smoothly and, ultimately, the campaign is a success. If that ever isn’t the case, War Child’s internal fund development team gains instant data they need to make quicker, more informed decisions that can turn the F2F campaign around.

Imagine having a tested script and a pro team canvassing for you. Plus an app-enabled technology that integrates with your existing donor relationship management software. Imagine knowing how it’s going BEFORE an end-of-month meeting. Globalfaces Direct is the ONLY charity fundraising partner that give you all these things—without a longterm contract upfront. That gives you more power to make the best choice for your charity.

Let us introduce you to face-to-face fundraising services for nonprofits that acquire (and retain) more longterm monthly donors.

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