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Fundraising Services for Charities Will Aim to Help Strengthen Canadian Cancer Society’s Impact Well Beyond Daffodil Month

Face-to-face fundraising services for charities help organizations like Canadian Cancer Society as it rallies for more longterm support.

Just before warmer days finally thaw another Ontario winter, yellow and white daffodils fill the landscape between trees and shrubs. Harty green stems with bright bouquets rise above English ivy, periwinkle and Japanese spurge. It’s a signal of spring. It’s a symbol of hope and life. This is Daffodil Month.

Since the 1950s, Canadian Cancer Society has cherished the daffodil as a “symbol of strength and courage in the fight against cancer.” As an organization committed to care and research since 1938, Canadian Cancer Society encourages all Canadians to buy a daffodil pin and wear it to show support.

By the end of next week, Canadian Cancer Society will begin its annual April fundraiser called Daffodil Month. Throughout the month and well beyond the campaign, our field agents will raise raise awareness and champion ongoing support. We’ll wear yellow daffodil pins to show support. The organization asks you to do the same. This fundraising campaign will renew hope that fewer Canadians will have to face cancer.

Learn more about Daffodil Month at See how our fundraising services for charities can help well beyond the fundraiser.

Globalfaces Direct’s role during this monthlong fundraising campaign is to provide face-to-face fundraising services, including door-to-door donor acquisition with ongoing integrated fundraising services. We will be present throughout Ontario. We’ll focus our efforts on Toronto and London.

See us? Speak with us. We’d love to tell you about this charity that aims to eradicate the life threatening disease that touches 2 in 5 Canadians. In the meantime, buy a daffodil pin or buy fresh daffodils to show your support for this cause. View the special daffodil gardens planted throughout Canada.

We hope our fundraising services will help strengthen the campaign. We hope that our fundraising software realtime analytics helps the charity better understand how the general public responds to its cause. And we hope that awareness will grow in ways that bring better early detection of cancer, better diagnoses, better treatments and better outcomes for everyone who is touched by the life threatening disease.

We’ll continue to work alongside Canadian organizations to bring fundraising services for charities that require longterm support.

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