Fundraising Consultants Use Advanced Donor Software

Fundraising Consultants Use Advanced Donor Software to Help Sunnybrook Foundation Acquire More Longterm Monthly Donors

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Healthcare is a fundamental right in Canada. Each citizen has a right to access medical treatments, surgeries and other health services. At Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto, ON, scientists, clinicians and staff take that to heart. Their mission is to “invent the future of healthcare”, and their breakthrough research has saved lives around the world. Our fundraising consultants help them continue to fund excellence in healthcare.

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, also known as Sunnybrook Hospital, is a teaching hospital of the University of Toronto. It began as a veteran’s hospital in June 1948. Now it serves the general public. In the past two decades, it has grown to become the largest single site hospital in Canada, treating 1.2 million patients per year with focus on heart and stroke; cancer; trauma, emergency and critical care; and women and babies.

Experienced fundraising consultants from Globalfaces Direct wear official identification badges and name tags. They carry details about Sunnybrook Hospital’s live-saving programs and facilities. They are paid hourly, so there is no added pressure from commission-based canvassers. Since our fundraising consultants never accept cash, they’re equipped with tablets to process your donation securely through our advanced donor software for charities, which provides the most responsive, effective and transparent face-to-face fundraising service for leading Canadian research foundations.

Learn how to spot our fundraising consultants for Sunnybrook Hospital. How do potential donors identify your face-to-face fundraising consultants?

Door-to-door acquisition services from Globalfaces Direct will help Sunnybrook Foundation inspire the most qualified potential donors to give longterm monthly support. Donations will help build the new women and babies centre and support other programs. According to, donations have helped support Frederick W. Thompson Anxiety Disorders Centre, Louise Temerty Breast Cancer Centre and Centre for Research in Image-Guided Therapeutics. Plus support for a range of disciplines, such as brain sciences, cancer innovation, heart healthcare and veterans services.

Choosing the best face-to-face fundraising consultants for Sunnybrook Hospital is a big decision, and we realize that there are a number of legitimate concerns facing not-for-profits these days—especially when it comes to door-to-door acquisition. Besides hiring the most experienced fundraising consultants, we work closely with each foundation we serve to determine the best face-to-face fundraising service for their organization. We’re one of the few providers that test a small sample before launching your fundraising campaign. Plus we never require longterm contracts upfront.

At Globalfaces Direct, we help you feel at ease about your fundraising campaign by providing not only a superior level of service, but also advanced donor software for charities that enables you to instantly track what we’re doing. We show you everything, including reactions to the initial pitch and attrition rates. That means you don’t have to play secret shopper. That gives you more time to focus on your not-for-profit organization.

Are you a part of a foundation that struggles with face-to-face fundraising? Talk to Globalfaces Direct about fundraising consultants and donor software that’ll change the way you look at door-to-door acquisition. Tweet to us or reach out to us toll-free at 1-877-688-3384.

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