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Door-to-door Fundraising Helps CNIB Ontario Continue to Ensure Blind or Partially Sighted Canadians Fully Participate in Life

Every ten minutes in Canada, someone is told they’re going blind. Every year nearly 50,000 Canadians lose their sight. Approximately half a million Canadians have impaired vision that impacts daily life. Nearly 187,000 in Ontario alone suffer from significantly low vision. So we know and value that all Canadians should have access to a quality life, including healthcare, employment, and—especially for the blind or visually impaired—assertive technology. That’s why we’re excited to help CNIB Ontario improve door-to-door acquisition. This is a new fundraising partnership for Globalfaces Direct.

CNIB is a registered Canadian charity. It provides community-based support, resources and a national presence to ensure Canadians who are blind or partially sighted have the confidence, skills and opportunities to fully participate in daily life. March 6-12 is World Glaucoma Week, and we’re helping CNIB Ontario share inspiring client stories.  This month we go door-to-door to raise awareness and rally long-term donors for the charity.

This campaign supports CNIB’s monthly giving programs, such as Partners in Vision. Acquisition of new monthly donors is critical to CNIB’s ongoing ability to helping individuals who lose their sight come to terms with the loss and learn to fully participate in life. You can become a partner in vision when you sign up online to become a longterm monthly donor. Do you have questions about giving to CNIB? Read door-to-door fundraising FAQs.

Is your registered Canadian charity struggling to build longterm relationships with monthly donors? Are you losing donors after the first few months? Globalfaces Direct can help. We provide superior door-to-door fundraising, realtime field analytics and the most transparent reporting, ongoing support, and even guaranteed low attrition at one year. Explore how we’ve helped Canada’s top nonprofits benefit from our door-to-door fundraising expertise.

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