Face-to-face Fundraising Company Helps The Canadian Red Cross

Face-to-face Fundraising Helps The Canadian Red Cross Raise Awareness of Initiatives that Serve Youth and Elder Canadians

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When you think of The Canadian Red Cross, what comes to mind? Most of us recall disaster relief. The charity does that and much more.

As Canadians donate to Red Cross so that teams can provide emergency response with the creation of a mobile field hospital after the second Nepal earthquake, few Red Cross donors know what this humanitarian charitable organization does to serve the needs of vulnerable populations here in Canada. That’s why Globalfaces Direct hits the streets to raise awareness about the charity’s life-changing initiatives in our local communities.

The Canadian Red Cross is a familiar name . It is one of 189 organizations that make up the global Red Cross and Crescent network. It’s aim is to “improve the lives of vulnerable people by mobilizing the power of humanity in Canada and around the world.” The Canadian Red Cross is easily identified by its Personal Disaster Assistance (PDA), Emergency Response Team (ERT) and Disaster Response Team (DRT); additionally, the organization serves people in need well beyond disaster relief, providing assistive devices and home care equipment to the elderly and anti-bullying programs to kids in schools. As we reach out to potential donors, our experienced face-to-face fundraising team hits the streets to educate our communities on these programs.

Our face-to-face fundraising campaign for The Canadian Red Cross includes both street and door-to-door acquisition. As we accept donations to directly support Red Cross’s important relief efforts in Nepal, Syria and Africa, we also inform Canadians about these two little-known programs here at home…

    • Bullying and Harassment Prevention Programs helps schools across Canada stop or prevent bullying. Through an in-school program for kids called Beyond the Hurt and a range of bullying prevention courses for youth, educators and other adults, The Canadian Red Cross stops bullying.
    • Community Health Services help elderly Canadians continue to live at home safely and with dignity. The Canadian Red Cross provides community support services to our vulnerable third age population, including Health Equipment Loan Program (HELP), Home Care and other local support.

Since we partnered with The Canadian Red Cross during August 2014, our face-to-face fundraising efforts have brought more longterm monthly donors to the charitable organization. Low donor attrition rates mean less gaps in funding. That gives The Canadian Red Cross more power to do good, well.

Look for our professional field agents in red t-shirts on the streets of Vancouver, Saskatoon and Toronto later this year. If your charity is considering face-to-face fundraising companies, learn more about what we do best and how well we do it. Contact us or reach out to us toll-free at 1-877-688-3384.

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