The Power of Insight

Insight from Globalfaces Direct empowers face to face fundraising field agents through technology that seamlessly links their tablets to both your existing donor management system and our database. It delivers real-time donor information and allows you to conduct in-depth analysis to ensure the strongest return on investment. All that helps you keep better tabs on your face-to-face fundraising campaign. And that helps you get the most qualified long-term monthly donors.

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A Complete Solution

This intelligent, feature-packed donor analytics software is FREE to all Globalfaces Direct clients. It’s at the heart of our comprehensive face-to-face fundraising services. Superior fundraising acumen combines with the most advanced donor analytics software to make sure you acquire more long-term monthly donors for your non-profit organization but also understand how to keep them supporting your sustainer giving program for years to come.

  • Real-time

    Instant reporting of ALL field agent activities from the smartest fundraising software.

  • Analytics

    Year-over-year reporting ability ensures the most in-depth analysis and segmentation.

  • Prevail

    Reduce attrition with fundraising software that constantly delivers clear donor insights.

Hands-Free Managing

Imagine a donor analytics software program that’s so seamlessly integrated with your existing donor management system that you hardly have to touch a button to gain valuable information from field agents and monthly donors. We’ve spent the last five years designing and developing Insight from Globalfaces Direct to be the most sophisticated donor software.

Donor Data Reporting

Ditch The Guesswork

It’s hard to see qualified donors cancel monthly gifts. It’s hard on you. It’s hard on your charity. It’s especially hard when you can’t figure out why it’s happening. Insight from Globalfaces Direct takes the guesswork out of donor attrition by showing you not only who, but why they cancel, and we’re right there to help you make sure it doesn’t happen that often.

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Why You Need Insight

“We not only were able to find out who was cancelling their monthly gift, but we were able to find out determine the source of the cancellations and shift gears accordingly. This was a game-changing feature of Insight, and one of the biggest reasons why we use it to enhance all of our face-to-face fundraising programs."

Matthew Davison | Globalfaces Direct

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