Explore Globalfaces Direct's COVID-19 fundraising response.

Introducing the most transparent process available today, one that provides instant access to never-before-shared data from the field to help you identify the most interested, pre-qualified individuals for your charity.

As you get to know your donors, you discover more personal, welcomed ways to bring them back to your cause.

The best face-to-face fundraising isn’t about simply getting long-term donors, it’s also about putting technology into the hands of the most experienced field agents so that they bring you the big picture of what we’re doing and how well we’re doing it.  At Globalfaces Direct, we provide real-time data that lets you drill down to details of each interaction, including demographics and behaviors. This gives you useful donor insights. We share everything. Who signs up? Who doesn’t? When during the script do people lose interest?

This transparency out in the field works the same way here at our office. We don’t require long-term contracts upfront. This gives you more power to choose the provider that’s right for you. We test a small sample before commencing a face-to-face fundraising campaign, proving our worth before everyone hits the streets. Beyond face-to-face fundraising, we work with you to refine your direct appeal approach. We integrate our campaign with other marketing efforts. And we find new opportunities to strengthen long-term donor relationships.

Other face-to-face fundraising providers don’t show anything. That puts the kibosh on long-term success. Know your donors, and you’ll know how to keep them.

Contact the face-to-face fundraising partner with the most transparent process available today, one that provides real-time insights for ways to reduce attrition.