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Over the course of 2015 to 2019, direct mail donor acquisition dropped by over 14%. While digital fundraising grew by 12% in 2017, that growth dropped to 1.2% in 2018. Meanwhile, face-to-face fundraising has been the leading source of direct sustainer acquisition since 2016, with a 30% increase in multi-year recurring donors. 

Following our incorporation in 2012, Globalfaces Direct has grown to be one of the top face-to-face fundraising companies in North America. We train and deploy dedicated, professional fundraisers to act as representatives for your organization, and have pioneered a method ensuring these brand representatives are operating in a safe and successful manner:

These fundraisers become experts in your cause and build genuine rapport with members of the community, with the end goal of securing sustaining, recurring donations for your charity.

Our face-to-face fundraising services involve the training of professional fundraisers.

The primary driver of our face-to-face fundraising services is door-to-door fundraising. However, in addition to door-to-door fundraising, we also offer street canvassing, business-to-business donor acquisition, and more.

Our face-to-face fundraising services are backed by repeatable, reliable fundraising metrics. After all, the more you know your donors, the better you can discover personal, welcoming ways to invite them to join your cause. 

Across each of our face-to-face fundraising services, we provide real-time updates on key performance indicators and access to all donor information through our proprietary Insight software.

This software integrates directly with your charity’s constituent relationship management system, affording you the valuable information you need to make informed, data-driven decisions. This data lets you drill down to the details of each interaction, including demographics and behaviors. We share everything. Who signs up? Who doesn’t? When during the script do people lose interest?

From there, our in-house call centre follows up with each and every donor, ensuring a positive onboarding experience by focusing on stewardship and the overall donor journey. This starts what can be lifelong relationships off on the right foot.

This transparency in the field works the same way here at our office. We don’t require long-term contracts upfront. Instead, each F2F effort is tested on a sample pilot campaign, allowing us to provide proof of concept before the full rollout.

Explore these statistics surrounding our face-to-face fundraising services.

Since our inception, we’ve partnered with 50+ of North America’s largest and most prominent charities. With our face-to-face fundraising services, we have the capacity to acquire 150,000+ sustainer donors annually for these organizations. If your organization is interested in incorporating face-to-face fundraising into your strategy, we’d be happy to help.

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