We have come a very long way since we incorporated Globalfaces Direct. With the help of our talented staff and innovative technology GFD has grown significantly over the years. We are now one of the top face to face fundraising companies in North America, and we continue to reinvest in our business and improve client experience.

Our organization’s leaders bring a variety of perspectives, and years of experience in working with non-profit organizations. In establishing our business model, Globalfaces has focused its efforts on face-to-face communications. We believe that the most effective method of engaging the general population is through push marketing. 

Globalfaces Direct provides smart canvass fundraising to charities and non-profits across the world.  We offer face to face canvassing, sustainer giving programs, telemarketing fundraising, direct response television, charity street marketing, and much more.

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More long-term monthly donors for your organization than any other fundraising provider.

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Real-time in-depth data that keeps you informed and step ahead of your competitors.



 Intelligent, integrated face to face canvassing service to promote long-term retention, supported by consulting and call centre services for long-stewardship.


Fundraising Consulting Services

With sustainer giving programs, focused solely on direct sustainer acquisition, we have developed a proven approach that will give you more power to strengthen donor relationships through engagements and reduce donor attrition rates well beyond the first month of your campaign. As one of the leading door to door fundraising companies, we ensure that our dedicated team of field agents, our innovative technology and real-time analytics are able to connect your organization with potential donors.

Trust GFD to help you interact with more potential donors. We provide advanced face to face fundraising services that ensure lasting support for your organization.  

Imagine a partner that handles all your canvass fundraising needs, and helps strengthen relationships with long-term monthly donors.

Insight Software

A highly innovative Donor Analytics software designed by GFD, our Insight platform tracks and monitors donors’ performance through our face to face fundraising activities. With Insight you can keep up-to-date and stay steps ahead of your competition.

Imagine a donor analytics software that’s so seamlessly integrated with your existing donor management system that you hardly have to touch a button to gain valuable information from field agents and monthly donors.

GFD works on the principle that organizations cannot manage what they cannot measure. GFD has developed proprietary technology that streamlines the acquisition of data and ensures that “every touch point tells a story” for its clients.

We’ve spent the last three years designing and developing Insight at Globalfaces Direct to be the most sophisticated fundraising software. The information we gather is powerful, and in combination with our multiple consolidated acquisition methods, we can create the most strategic campaign for our clients that is second to none in the industry.

Insight from Globalfaces Direct empowers field agents through technology that seamlessly links their tablets to both your existing donor management system and our database. It delivers real-time donor information and allows you to conduct in-depth analysis to ensure the strongest return on investment. It helps you keep better tabs on your face to face fundraising campaign, and that helps you secure the most qualified long-term monthly sustainers. Through the use of our tablet application and the Insight platform, GFD has the capacity to track the movement of each individual fundraiser, every 10 seconds.

Our omni-channel dialer has the ability to track, understand and impact fundraiser behaviour from the Verification call and the Welcome call. It provides unprecedented visibility into what is happening in the field. We are able to collect real-time feedback through the entire sales process, keeping GFD – and our clients’ fundraising activities –  ahead of the curve.


Our Process

GFD has one of the most transparent processes available in the industry today, one that provides instant access to never-before-shared data from the field to help you identify the most interested, and pre-qualified individuals for your charity.

With our innovative fundraising efforts, you can see every aspect of donor activity: Who signs up? Who doesn’t? At what point during the script do people lose interest?