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It’s almost Valentine’s Day. People show off their smooches on Twitter via #smoochselfie. These kisses aren’t just for sweethearts, they aim to help bring awareness to the compelling need to fund a cure for HIV/AIDS. In addition to conducting beneficial face-to-face fundraising campaigns since 2013, CANFAR has developed an online presence with a social media contest that engages people across Canada. This event is called Kisses 4 CANFAR. Now in its third year, Kisses 4 CANFAR aims to create an ongoing dialogue about HIV and AIDS, prevention and stigma reduction. Ultimately, it funds research that may some day lead to a cure for HIV and AIDS. Those puckered-up faces will build brand awareness and bring in more donors throughout February.

This is an annual event marketing donor acquisition. This technique can kickoff, wrap-up and support any face-to-face fundraising campaign. It builds brand recognition. It goes beyond doorsteps and sidewalks to engage people on the devices they use to interact with family and friends. In this industry, that’s pure gold. Whether your ideal event marketing acquisition takes place at small interactive picture booths at an area mall or at an art auction or even a festival, you need an event marketing acquisition strategy that not only builds momentum, it builds longterm relationships. Globalfaces Direct can help.

Throughout the past three years, we’ve helped dozens of national research foundations, grassroots organizations and local charities work diligently beyond street and door-to-door donor acquisition to connect in fun, engaging ways. We help you make the most of your online presence and your offline efforts to celebrate your accomplishments, champion your cause and bring more longterm monthly donors than any other provider.

Let us show you how to transform an ordinary ask into extraordinary special event. In the meantime, let’s pucker up for Kisses 4 CANFAR.



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