Explore Globalfaces Direct's COVID-19 fundraising response.


We know how scary the first face-to-face fundraising chat can be for you. Think of us as cuddly teddy bears.
The one you call isn’t just any soft bruin. He’s the pro that keeps you free from ruin. He’s an expert face-to-face fundraising contact. With a big heart, as a matter of fact. As for all those big challenges you face,  he knows. As for bad contracts, he turns up his nose. Testing a new approach doesn’t give him a scare. His insights squeeze stuffing from donor software. He loves to give back, but, sorry, never back rubs. He uses wit door-to-door, in malls or at pubs. With a faithful network and a team for good deeds, he takes very good care of your fundraising needs. So what’s to worry? Not a thing, if I may guess. I hope that you’ll have a fruitful chat with the best. Stop searching the Web for any silly old bear. Take a deep breath and let go of that little mare.

Give Josh a call at 1-877-688-3384 for the face-to-face fundraising contact for you.