Our work doesn’t end once we have acquired a donor for a charity, it is only the first step towards long-term relationship building between our clients and the donors.  The GFD team specializes in establishing the right communication with donors to ensure their ongoing support. Our Marketing team is constantly improving GFD’s methods to cultivate a healthy relationship with your donors.

The HIVE facilitates multiple stewardship initiatives to ensure quality assurance via verification calls, welcome calls and donor upgrades.  Through our Marketing department we specializing in crafting a donor journey that’s right for your donors, including e-mail updates, SMS touch-points, newsletters and surveys. We maintain a firm belief that continuous communication with donors helps to increase long-term support to your cause.


It is essential to shape donors’ experience from the beginning. You want to ensure that their first experience with your organization is a positive one. Welcome calls are a fundamental component of donor retention. GFD believes in going the extra mile to create a lasting impression on behalf of our charity partners. Showing a little gratitude towards donors goes a long way.  Welcome calls serve the purpose of giving thanks for our donors’ generosity and engagement.

There are other benefits of welcome calls besides donor satisfaction and loyalty. They help reduce donor attrition, provide an early opportunity to ask the donor key questions in building the right donor journey and to promote the charity to the donor.

We maintain impressive Live Connect rates of 60-80% which are higher than the average connect rate. Our talented agents and higher than normal Live Connect rates ensure our donors feel appreciated and continue to give ongoing support.