Charity Fundraising Experts Partner with BC Cancer Agency

BC Cancer Foundation Renews Door-to-door Partnership with Canada’s Charity Fundraising Experts at Globalfaces Direct

BC Cancer Foundation and charity fundraising experts at Globalfaces Direct have worked together throughout the past two years to help the research-focused agency acquire more longterm donors, and they’ll extend their door-to-door acquisition partnership for 2015.

Field agents wear name tags and purple vests for another day of knocking on doors to gain support for BC Cancer Foundation. They wear special badges that identify them as official fundraisers. Today they’re speaking to British Columbians about a disease that may be very familiar to them. Two in five Canadians will face a cancer diagnoses at some point in their lives. One in four will die from the disease. BC Cancer Foundation works diligently to enhance cancer care and improve outcomes. Today we seek partners in discovery. We hope to inspire for longterm monthly support.

Door-to-door has continued to be one of the most successful ways to bring in more monthly donations for the BC nonprofit organization. Not only does a face-to-face fundraising campaign now provide a steady stream of support for the cancer-fighting charity, fundraising experts at Globalfaces Direct have proven that these personal connections lead to monthly donations with a lower rate of attrition. As a result BC Cancer Foundation has renewed its partnership with charity fundraising experts at Globalfaces Direct. This year we’ll continue to raise awareness and raise funds for the local charity.

As with any charity fundraising experts partnership, safety and security is a big priority. Field agents invite potential donors to talk about the important work that the BC Cancer Foundation. Instead of giving cash or cheques at the door, donors and fundraisers can use our special software-encrypted tablets to securely enter their contact information, payment details and monthly donation amount. Any data collected is instantly uploaded onto secure remote servers and processed according to Payment Compliance Industry (PCI) Standards and removed from the field agent’s tablet.

Not only does this fundraising software allow Globalfaces Direct field agents to acquire more longterm donors door-to-door, it delivers realtime analytics to BC Cancer Foundation stakeholders, helping them keep tabs on how well the current script is working and remain effective throughout the campaign.

Imagine what Globalfaces Direct can do for your face-to-face fundraising campaigns. Contact the charity fundraising experts that offer the most professional field agents and unbeatable realtime analytics, and get the longterm donors you need to do good well.



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